Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cam's Holiday by Ciana Stone

Just finished Cam's Holiday by Ciana Stone.  This was such a fun read.  I love happy endings and I enjoy  characters that bring a story to life. Cam & Lee make a great couple.  Cam's been dumped and dumped on by her ex for 20 years and when she find him in bed with another, younger woman, then have him move out the next day ... it devastates her.  It's taken her a year to get back on her feet but feeling like she's nothing and a sexual nobody is slowly tearing her apart.  In comes the Tempt the Cougar group and Cam hates that she's never had the courage to follow through on it.  Still she signs up for a gym to see about getting her jiggly bits into better tone.  She signs up for a personal trainer but when she sees Lee Holiday thoughts of the gym fly right out of her mind and thoughts of getting her exercise in a more physical form swamp her mind.  Then in walks her husband's young, surgically enhanced bimbo and Cam utters a soft, "Sorry about this," and kisses Lee like a lover.  Instead of getting rid of her it just makes Kandy all that more interested and she ends up asking if Lee is going to be Cam's date for the benefit on Friday.  Suddenly in much deeper than she intended Cam is at a loss for words.  In steps Lee to the rescue saying of course he's going to take her and that it was about time to take their relationship public.  The fact that Lee is 10 years younger than Cam gives her second thoughts but Lee is determined to show her that age is only a number and despite what her idiot ex had to say, Cam was one hot, sexy and sensual woman and she excited Lee like no other woman ever had.

This was a great and fun read that I would definitely recommend.  I really enjoyed reading this!

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