Sunday, October 24, 2010

Caught Off Guard (Heroes of Silver Springs #1) by Tonya Ramagos

Caught Off Guard (Heroes of Silve Springs #1) by Tonya Ramagos is a wonderful read.  A good story of acceptance and love.  Rich Girl/Poor Boy coming to terms with themselves and their lives after 10 years apart.  Dean Wolcott, bad boy turned respectable fire chief has had it bad for Veronica Abbott since highschool.  She left and married and he turned his life around a became the fire chief of Silver Springs.  10 years later Veronica returns.  Her life irrevocably changed after the death of her policeman husband 2 years before.  She's re-invented herself, come to terms with her life and shrugged off the contol of her parents.  She's come back looking for Dean and wanting to fulfill those fantasies she's been harboring for too many years.  She wants the fun, the sex the freedom with no strings attached.  Dean wants Veronica but his idea is not just for a night's pleasure but for forever.  Now all he has to do is convice Veronica that the spark between them isn't just a temporary thing. 

This was a great read, fun, sexy and full of laughter.  Well written and with characters you immediately feel attached to it is a real joy to read. 

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