Saturday, October 23, 2010

Club Cupid by Stephanie Bond

Club Cupid by Stephanie Bond.  This was a very lovely read.  Good story, well developed characters and enough laughter and tears (both happy & sad) to be an excellent way to spend a few hours on a quiet weekend. 

Frankie Jens finds herself on a Valentine's Day cruise ship, dragged into being a brides maid for her cousin's wedding.  Not having a great time she finds herself alone on a ship full of couples and wishes she were anywhere but here.  Taking a breat in Key West she has her briefcase, with the ONLY copies of her project plans and files, stolen by a young thief and ends up watching as her ship sails while she waits for the police to apprehend and return her belongings. 

Randy Tate is living the life he enjoys.  He owns the bar, has good friends and spends part of each day on the beach.  Yet Randy isn't as happy as he believes he is.  Old pain keeps him from looking too closely at that at least until Frankie Jens lands on his barstool and he finds himself wanting to help ... even against his better judgement.

Frankie only wants her belongings back.  She can't imaging a failure this castastrophic taking over her life after all the time she has put into this project.  The last thing she wants is weekend fling with a beach bum.

What they both need is each other.  Question is whether they can find what they need in only a Valentine's Day weekend.

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