Friday, October 29, 2010

Cracklin' Rosie by Lissa Matthews

I just finished reading Cracklin' Rosie: Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 2.  This was one crazy fun read.  If you haven't read Sweet Caroline: Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 1 you really should.  While this book can stand on its own it also follows the exploits of Buck & Caroline.  Decker is a roofer and has been in the business for quite a few years.  He get a call from his friend Buck who has recently moved to the small town of Blue Ridge, Georgia.  He's got a job for Decker if he's interested.  Decker's moved around a lot in the past years and from all that Buck has told him he just might be ready to settle down.  If the town is a nice as Buck says.  Buck also has a proposition for him, one that makes settling down sound even better.  What he finds when he goes to the job site is Rosie.  Rosie is the owner of the town's diner and a strong and independent woman who's very comfortable in her own skin.  She's not stick thin model and while she wouldn't grace the covers of Playboy, she is everything that sets Decker in a permanent state of lust!  Luscious, curvy and so damn HOT she has Decker taking cold showers just to keep his mind straight! Looking at Rosie Decker has found the last reason he needs to want to settle down.  Rosie however is just as dead set against having anything to do with Decker.  She wants him, oh lordy how she wants him but he sets off all her alarm bells.  She is just a bit too attracted to Decker for her own good.  Thoughts of Decker turning her over his knee or bending her over the couch and pulling his belt out has her unable to sleep and the more anxious she gets the sharper her tongue gets as well.  Decker has to bring the inner wild woman to the surface.  She's hidden it away for so long, afraid to let anyone in the small, conservative town see the real Rosie she can't seem to set herself free when Decker offers her everything she's ever wanted in a man.

Decker & Rosie's story is one fun filled, laugh filled and sexy romp as these two set each others desires on fire and butt heads at every turn.  This is an awesome read and definitely one to remember!  I just hope there's more of these coming.  I really enjoyed this book.

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