Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan

I just finished Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan.  I really like the Dark series. This is one of the earlier books originally published in 2002.  I've read the most recent stories and now I'm coming back to read the beginnings. I've been a vampire fan for ages and each different version is a revelation.  From Christine Feehan's Carpathians to J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood to Anne Rice's vampires to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series .. each has their own fascination, their own twist that makes you want to read MORE!

In Dark Guardian we meet Lucian and Jaxon.  Lucian is so dark, so strong, so intimidating yet someone as small as Jaxon can almost bring him to his knees.  Lucian has been fighting the vampires for over 2000 years and during all this time has managed to hold onto his soul.  Finding Jaxon is all that keeps him sane after all this time.  Jaxon is unique.  She's psychic and has an inate ability to feel evil in all its myriad forms.  Her life has been one mass of fear and suffering.  Her heart and soul are so tender and giving she has this need to protect those around her.  Giving nothing of herself, afraid to care for anyone less her 'step-father' see them as a threat and slaughter them, Jaxon moves through life as a deadly force protecting those around her to the point of her own destruction.  She feels resonsible for the death that has followed her since she was a child, taking all the blame on her own shoulders for the actions of the psychotic man who kills anyone who has any feelings for her.  When Lucian finds her, she has walked into a trap to save one of her team and has been shot.  She's tired and weary and ready to give it all up.  If she's not around then no one else has to die.  To Lucian she is the light to his darkness.  The color and joy and feelings that have been denied him for centuries.  He saves her and then he has to convice her that he can protect her and those she cares for from her psychotic stalker. 
This is a story of forgiveness, redemption and love.  Two halves of the same soul finally come together to find salvation.  The tenderness that Lucian shows to Jaxon, the trust she puts in his hands, the strength they find together makes for a fantastic story.  This was an excellent read and I fully enjoyed it.

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