Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dark Prince / Dark Descent

I originally began reading Dark Prince by Christine Feehan.  This is the first book in the Dark Series about the Carpathians.  I've read several of these books in the past: Dark Gold, Dark Challenge, Dark Possession, Dark Symphony, Dark Slayer and Dark Curse and I've enjoyed them all.  It took me awhile to find an e-copy of Dark Prince.  Amazon didn't have it, nor did B&N.  I finally found a version on  The only thing I DIDN'T like about this is that it wouldn't let me read it on my Kindle.  I had to actually download the Mobipocket Reader to my PC and then read the book from there.  Frustrating and inconvenient but considering that I couldn't find a copy anywhere else it was still worth it. 

I truly enjoyed this story.  Mikhail and Raven were awesome characters.  Raven, hurt and damaged though she was from fighting all the evil alone and in her head for years was a gentle and caring woman who could not help but help people in distress.  This was how she first contacted Mikhail.  She felt his pain, his desperation and she reached out to him trying to ease him.  She had no idea what she was getting herself into.  Mikhail, driven to the very edge of ending his existence was shocked and actually afraid of this little woman.  Not so much afraid of her but afraid of the feelings, the emotions she resurrected in him.  Raven was his lifemate and even though she was human and knew nothing of his kind he could not resist the burning need to make her his.  Forced into a life she didn't understand and at first truly didn't want she could do nothing other than love Mikhail.  Even though it meant stretching herself past the limits she knew her mind could accept.  Their ups and downs, their trials and fears made for a compelling read. 

Tacked onto the end of Dark Prince I found Dark Descent.  At first I thought this was an exerpt from another book.  As I continued to read I realized it was a second complete story!  This one was wonderful to read.  Joie Sanders and Traian Trigovise were a perfect match right from the very start.  Joie is a bodyguard and is wounded while guarding Senator Goodvine and his wife.  During her travel to the hospital she does an out of body experience to get away from the pain and the feeling of helplessness it brings.  It is during this out of body experience that she comes across Traian as he lays in a cave recovering from a vampire attack.  He sees her and they speak, all the time she believes this is just a figment of her imagination.  When she is pulled away from him by the attention to her wound at the hospital he continues to haunt her mind.  Drawn to find him, Joie drags her brother and sister on a spelunking trip to the mountains she believes this 'man' is in.  She still believes he is just a figment in her mind even though he continues to speak to her mind.  When they discover that Traian is real and suddenly are thrust into a very dangerous situation while Joie tries to rescue him, their whole world is turned upside down.  Vampires, wizards and ghosts are suddenly very real and they are all thrust into a battle none of them could have imagined.  The attraction between joie and Traian is instantaneous and electric.  What surprised me was her willingness to accept Traian and his 'kind' and to have such complete trust in him.  It was touching and wonderful to read and to see her assert herself as a strong and dangerous woman was just awesome.  Protecting people was her job and she stretched this to include Traian and his kind with little difficulty.  I liked Joie and her sister Gabrielle and her brother Jubal.  Their sense of family was strong.  While the story was a tad bit short it was still full and well written.  I wanted more but didn't feel like I was shorted in any way.  It was well developed and it read well from beginning to end.  A very nice surprise.

I enjoyed both these stories.  Well worth my time.

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