Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday - Pure Sin by Rynne Raines

Pure Sin by Rynne Raines.  I belive this is book 2 in the Eden series.  Bianca spent a week 4 years ago learning about the BDSM scene.  A week of no strings, no identies, no personal information exchanged.  Just two people learning, exchanging knowledge.  Bianca though the man she met up with was the perfect Dom for her.  Loving, kind, yet strict and definitely in charge.  Then she finds out that Sin was a player and wasn't a one woman man.  Hurt, she turns herself into a woman in charge of herself and eventually finds herself in Eden, a BDSM club, where she helps couples, Masters & Subs learn how to deal with each other.  Learn how far is far enough and not abuse.  Cade Sinclair had no idea why the sub he met 4 years ago had left without a word.  He thought for sure there was something going between them and then nothing.  Suddenly Bianca & Cade are thrown together again.  The electricity is still there, Bianca feels it and with just a word from Cade she feels herself slipping back into that wonderful feeling she'd had 4 years ago.  The same feelings and then the same pain as he keeps making excuses why he can't stay.  Cade will do anything to get Bianca back into his life ... if she'll let him in.
This is a great story.  Strong characters, well written plot, a wonderfully emotional ride.  Excellent read!

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