Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last Night's Reading

Well, last night I read Katie & the Tramp by Titania Ladley.  It was a good, fun read.  Older woman coming to acknowledge things about her sexuality that she'd buried for years out of fear of rejection and her parent's political & social positions.  She meets her step-daughter's friend, a much younger and blatantly lesbian woman who excites her and brings her repressed urges surging to the surface.  Both women are attracted to each other but each has their own reasons for denying what they feel.  With her husband dead now for some time and her step-daughter marrying and moving to Europe with her husband it was time for Savannah to rethink her lonely life.  Kaydee's attraction to Savannah was immediate from the first time her best friend had taken her home and introduced them.  She's denied her attraction because of her feelings for her best friend and how it would possibly tear their friendship apart.  Now with her friend marrying and moving away maybe it was time to stop denying what she felt for Savannah.  It was touching and hot and had me riding the emotional roller coaster I so love a book to do. 

Loving Ellie by Dalia Craig was also a fun read.  Another coming out story of discovery and passion.  A fun read although short but just long enough to let you get a taste of the characters. 

Taming Bryanna by Dalia Craig.  Intersting, way too short and curiously unsatisfying.  It just wasn't long enough to get a real feel for the characters or fill in any details of the back story that would have made it a much more interesting read.

Currently I'm reading Copping A Feel by Lexxie Cooper.  One of the Cougar Challenge story from Ellora's Cave.  These have all been pretty fun reads so far. The premise being older woment finding love and sexual satisfaction with a younger man.  These could have been cheap thrill stories but each of the authors so far has brought the characters fully into the light.  Creating a well rounded character you can care for and giving a deeper view into their lives and thoughts.  I like the family details and the looks into their pasts that make them what they are and who they are.  The sex is hot the story is fun and each one makes me laugh.

Next up is Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas.  Kindle edition downloadable from for only $0.89!   A great deal and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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