Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday & Tuesday Reads

Halo in Her Pocket by Morgan Q O'Reilly.  Devyn & Shane's story was a really fun read.  I enjoyed the immediate heat and the laughter beginning with the first page. 

Educating Rose by Lissa Matthews.  Jack & Rose's story was a bit harsh for my tastes.  A good read, short and compelling but visiting the darker, harsher side of Ds.  A healing story for Jack who'd been hurt by a past experience and for Rose, a newbie to the Life who had an instant grasp of what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. 

Managing Maggie by Kate Sterling.  Maggie & Jason's story of an older woman and a younger man was a good read.  Three partners in a graphic arts design business, Maggie, Sharon & Jason.  Sharon the anchor, happily married and gently pushing Maggie to take an interest in more than her job.  Maggie, a driving force and Jason the younger member, secretly lusting after Maggie.  Maggie likes Jason but has this hang up about their ages.  Jason doesn't see a problem and uses a new sex toy account to help her see what she's missing.  Sounds simple but there's an added problem when a new employee, Amy, a young and somewhat ditzy appearing blonde suddenly throws a curve into the equation.  Funny at times yet covering some serious questions and doubts this was a very enjoyable read for me.

Do Over by Mari Carr.  This one was a really good read.  Faith & Troy have been married for over 20 years.  Both children are off to college and suddenly Faith is experiencing Empty Nest syndrom.  Wondering what to do with herself now that the children are gone and Troy is working long hours at the construction business, Faith laments the lack of excitement in her sex life.  She's feeling somewhat down and when Troy suggests a visit to  her mother and family back in their old home town she jumps at it.  Troy, feeling and seeing more than Faith realizes, uses this as a chance to "do over" their early years by revisiting important sites from their first meetings and years together.  With the help of their families, Troy sets out to show Faith just how much he truly loves her and their life together. This was a great emotional rollercoaster of a tale.  Laughter, tears, joy and sorrow all flowing freely through this tale of love and renewal.  What fun to read.

And now today I'm starting Summer of the Cougar by Nicole Austin.  With the big four-oh coming fast, widow and now empty nester, Larissa Cross, has decided to shake off her soccer mom, schoolteacher personna for the summer and let her wild side out.  Responding to the Cougar Challenge issued by her fellow romance readers on-line she decides to enjoy this summer like never before. 
This is another title in the Cougar Challenge series and promises to be as much fun to read as the previous titles. 

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