Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's 1st Read

Ok .. just finished Heart of Change by Roxy Harte.  This one turned out better than I anticipated.  I liked the blurb but the actual story could have gone either way.  As it was it took me on a great emotional roller coaster.  This one covered all the bases.  Anger, Frustration, Laughter & Tears.  Yep ... love those kind of books.  If it drags me in and makes me LOL and choke up its good.  When it makes me angry and frustrated with the characters it very good (providing I like the ending because if not I feel cheated).  This one had me going pretty much from the start.  Simone and Geri were total emotional wrecks and seriously messed up in the head.  Sometimes I felt like I wanted to just smack them upside the head and tell 'em to wake up and smell the coffee!  The journey from porn star to in-control mature woman kept changing and twisting Simone every which way but loose.  Geri had her own demons to fight and I wish we could have seen more into her head as well.  Although following Simone's convoluted thoughts was more than enough at times.  To see her taking charge and finally getting to where she really needed to be was a very interesting read.  Even seeing Simon seemingly begin to realize what he'd thrown away and actually 'help' for a change instead of 'use' was interesting.  Although I agree with Geri in that I really wanted to smash his face in at times.  LOL!  Good, interesting characters, great story and the back and forth, up and down and even sidways way the story went was excellent.

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