Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday's First Read: My Favorite Mistake by Karen Erickson

Finished reading My Favorite Mistake: A Tahoe Nights story by Karen Erickson.  This was a fun read.  Unrequited love, Teenage crushes and a shared family cabin all come together to make two lonely people realize how much they've missed over the years.  Julie own a successful Public Relations business and works herself to distraction.  No time for anything other than work.  Her mother worries about her and finally manages to convice her to take a short break at the family cabin for the weekend.  She agrees knowing she can take her blackberry and laptop and still be able to keep in touch and set up meeting and plans.  She really doesn't have time to just sit and do nothing.  What she doesn't expect to find is a man, sleeping in the master bedroom when she arrives. Startled and scared she backs out and grabs her phone heading for door while dialing 911.  Suddenly a voice behind her calls her name and she stops ... she knows that voice.  She turns and suddenly she finds herself facing a very grown up and devastatingly handsome Tyler. 
Tyler wakes after hearing Julie's sqeak upon finding him in the bed.  Without his glasses he can't really make out her face but he could never forget that beautiful head of hair.  "Julie?"  Shy and gangly the last time they has seen each other, Tyler has since filled out into a very well muscled and tones man.  A successful Outdoor Sports business owner he lives his job.  Tyler, how ever, has learned to take the time to relax.  Something Julie never has.  Now there's a chance he can get this beautiful woman to learn to relax and maybe get her into his bed.  Fullfilling a fantasy he's had since they were kids growning up. 
Julie and Tyler are wonderful characters.  Both successful, both shy and neither one having held a real relationship for any length of time.  No one has ever seemed just right and in Julie's case she just didn't have time to waste on less than satisfying relationships.  You find yourself drawn into their lives, their stories, the passion and chemistry is instant and electrifying.  This is a wonderful story and a really fun read.  A great way to spend a few relaxing hours.

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