Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starting here

Hello!  I've decided to jump in and start a blog because I feel I want to share the books I've been reading and find intersting.  I've always been an avid reader from about the time I was 11 or 12.  I started out reading the Hardy Boys and went from there to the fantastic stories of animals, Lad a Dog, Barree Son of Kazan, White Fang, and many more.  I found science fiction in High School and began with authors like; Anne McCaffrey, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Roger Zelazny, Phillip Jose Farmer and Andre Norton.  Next came Max Brand and Zane Grey and eventually I discovered Louis L'Amour.  That was pretty much my foundation and I've been expanding that ever since. 

I've collected books and really hate to throw any of them away.  To say my room was getting cluttered would be a major understatement.  A few years ago I finally made the painful decision to "pass on" my books.  Well, some of them at least.  I began by having a friend put my books up on e-bay.  I sold the majority of books that I had and gave quite a few to the local library.  I kept my absolute favorites.  Sorry but they really are like old friends and there was no way I could part with them.  Of course since them my collection of books has begun to grow again and I found myself limiting my purchases to just my main favorite authors. Even so I've got stacks of books beside my bed, beside my chair and under end-tables.  It was getting crowded again!  Then I got the Kindle Reader app for my iPhone.  Now this was cool.  I had several books on my phone and really liked the idea of having something to read always at my finger tips.  Of course the small screen did make it less than appealing under certain circumstances.  Then just a few months ago I decided to buy a Kindle.  This was a real change and opened my horizions.  I began looking at books that were less expensive than paperbacks and hardbound.  I even found the "Free" section.  LOL!  Yeah there were a lot of new reads available there and quite a few old friends and classics that I love going back to from time to time.  From about the beginning of June till now I've managed to put over 300 books on my Kindle!  Yeah I went a bit crazy but WOW it's been great!  I even upgraded my Kindle to the newest version and sent the original one (about a month or so old) to my daughter who is almost as voracious a reader as I am.  My wife and granddaughter both say that the Kindle has become a permanent appendage as I'm almost never without it. 

I'm really happy with the Kindle and I really enjoy the ability to see a book, buy it (no matter where I am) and be able to start reading it immediately.  I think that's one of the biggest plusses for me.  No waiting, no having to fight traffic to get to the local book stores, no paying shipping and handling and waiting for it to be delivered.  This is not to say I don't still buy paperbacks or hardback books.  There are some books that are still (why I do not understand) cheaper to buy in printed version rather than e-version. Also there are some books that aren't coming out in e-book form and I still want them.  And of course there are a few that I buy in both versions.  There really isn't anything like the feel of a real book in your hands.  I still go for the convenience of e-books but printed books still have a place on my shelves.  I like being able to have over 300 books available at my finger tips and not having to carry anything heavier than my Kindle reader. 

Next entry, authors and books I've recently purchased.

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