Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday's Reading - 10-10-2010

Yesterday's reading was Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas and Heart of Stone by Cathryn Cade.  Both were fun reads. 

Halloween Fantasties was a bit slow for me.  I liked the lead characters, Sasha and Dante.  The story was good, moved forward well but it just didn't click for me.  I liked them but they didn't pull me in and grab my attention until the very end.  I actually got more involved at the end of the story. Sasha's feeling finally came to the fore front and I began to see her as a person, someone I wanted to know more about.  Also near the end Dante makes the comment that he and his twin are enforcers for the council.  That was intriguing and captured my attention.  This story was more like an appetizer.  Good but not very filling, leaving you wanting more.  With the way the story ended I'm looking forward to possibly seeing more about Sasha, Dante and Trevor.  I also wonder if Angela might be able to change her attitude towards Vamps.

Heart of Stone by Cathryn Cade was more of an accidental read than intentional.  In reading a tweet I came across a reference to the beginning of her story posted on Samhain Publishing.  I'm always intersted in the quick reads you can find on links like that.  I've come across some very interesting stories by following those links.  In this case the story, Heart of Stone, caught my attention right off the bat.  The characters, Stone Masterson and Rose Thorne grabbed me from the beginning.  Rose being the small, intense woman demanding that Stone tell her the where abouts of her missing brother.  It made me smile and I immediately felt connected to them.  It was a great read that kept me smiling and tense all the way through.  I'm looking forward to reading more from Cathryn Cade.

Now on to today, Monday, Oct 11, 2010.  Today I'm reading Heart of Change by Roxy Harte.  This one is different.  The main character, Simone, is strong yet vulnerable.  Torn by her past and totally messed up in her thinking.  I'm about half way through just now and its hard to see her tearing herself apart with her insecurities yet ast the same time its intersting to see how she's slowly growing beyond herself.  Adapting, changing, surviving ... its compelling to see what she does next. 

More later.

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