Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taking Chloe: The Vaughn Series #3

Finished reading Taking Chloe: The Vaughn Series #3.  I enjoyed this one.  Sensitive, touching and compelling.  Since I had already met Merrick and Chloe briefly in Tasting Candy this was more of a re-aquaintance.  Took me by surprise at first since I had assumed this one was PRIOR to Tasting Candy and actually it occurs 2 years AFTER.  Blade and Candace are married and doing well and Lacey and Nick are also married.  It seem that after the lovey dovey meeting in Tasting Candy Merrick has thrown himself into his work and Chloe has become a neglected and taken for granted wife.  She's reached a point that she has a decision to make and when she confronts Merrick he falls asleep on her instead of listening.  That was the last straw.  Chloe takes her bags and leaves.  Merrick wakes to an empty house and the suddenly terrifying thought that his wife is leaving him for good.  What conspires next is a renewal of feelings, a clearing of the air and for the most part an ultimatum.  Your job or your wife?  Which means more and where are your priorities.  Merrick does his best to convice Chloe that he's seen the light and will change.  He'll do ANYTHING to get her back in his home and back in his bed.  Chloe hasn't fallen out of love with Merrick.  No, even being near him, hearing his voice is enough to make her want to curl up in his arms and feel his strength and love around her.  As much as she wants this she will not be a doormat.  And if that means leaving Merrick, quitting her job and moving away she'll do it.  Even if it breaks her heart.

This was lovely story of two people in love yet afraid to really let it all go and admit to the depth of their feelings.  It's also the story of two people who will do anything, anything at all to save their marriage if there is any hope at all that they can work it out.  Chloe's strength, her persistence in seeing a permanent change in how their lives work is an uplifting drama that shows how two people who love each other can still be worlds apart without even realizing it.  I truly enjoyed this story. 

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