Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday - Summer of the Cougar by Nicole Austin

Just finished reading Summer of the Cougar by Nicole Austin a novel in the Cougar Challenge series.  This was a fantastic read.  The chemistry was hot and quick and pulled me into the story right from the first page.  Rissa is approaching 40 and her kids have all left home for college. She's on her own for the first time in her life and she's in no hurry to change that.  A widow, she's spent the past years raising her kids and teaching school.  The few forays into the dating game were less than spectacular and she's ready to spread her wings a bit, shake off the staid teacher persona and explore.  Pushing her to try even more is the Cougar Challenge from her friends on-line.  Find a hot young stud and let her erotic dreams come true.  She sets off for the beach to do just that but as she gets there her car, sporty convertible she bought just for herself, sputters and burst into flames.  Firefighter JD Harmon is right there to help her out.  Sparks fly and not from the car as they meet and she knows she's found her younger man.  Her first conquest as a cougar.  JD feels the sparks to and sets his mind on getting to know this hot looking woman much much better.  JD knows right from the start that this won't be a one night fling.  He's looking for more ... now all he has to do is convice Rissa that he's her firs and last conquest. 

This was a very good read.  Love, sex and hot tempers abound.  Sex in almost every place possible and a hot summer romance that goes from one hot sweaty romp to another as JD slowly goes about breaching Rissa's walls and inches his way into her mind and her heart. 

Another great story by Nicole Austin. 

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