Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauty of Sunset by Lynne Connolly

I just finished reading "Beauty of Sunset" by Lynne Connolly and it was a lovely read.  The characters came across so hot, so very real and so vibrant they set fire to the pages.  For me this was a beautiful story of love, honesty and discovery.  Two people of very different backgrounds, fighting their past and taking a chance on discovering something wonderful in each other.  I love being pulled in, losing myself in the characters, laughing when they laugh and crying when they cry.  This was a wonderful story and worth every moment it took to read it. ***** out of 5 stars on this one.

Book two of the Cougar Challenge series.

When Edie Howard meets cosmetic surgeon John Sung, she can’t think of anything except getting the younger man naked. Her friends on the Tempt the Cougar blog remind Edie of her promise—to seduce a younger man. It’s time for Edie to take action.

Dr. John Sung takes one look at Edie and knows he can’t operate on her. He signs off as her doctor and makes her a bet—if he can make her love her body as it is, she won’t have any surgery.

John’s bet involves close examinations—and torrid, sleepless nights. Their passion is far more than either expects, and John begins to wonder if he’ll ever get enough of this woman. Edie just counts her blessings and hopes their age difference won’t drive John away.

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