Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drilled by Regina Carlysle

This was a very fun read.  Hot, spicy and lots of fun, Drilled is a good addition to the Cougar Challenge series.  These books can be read in any order and are basically stand alones but the underlying theme that ties them all together is the Tempt the Cougar blog.  7 women meet at RomantiCon and form a friendship.  One of them starts a blog called Tempt the Cougar and they all check in and take turns posting and checking out the pictures each posts of hot young men they'd love to have.  Finally one of them jumps in and says they need to take this from fantasy to reality.  She issues a challenge to all the others to go out, find a hot young man and live out their fantasies!  Then she goes and sets the example for the rest. 

Lori Donovan, one of the ladies of the Cougar Challenge, moves back to her Texas hometown after ending a 20 year marriage to a man that had pretty much destroyed her self esteem.  How can she hope to fullfill the challenge when her one horse town probably really doesn't have much for her to work with.  Then a call comes from the man drilling for oil on her property.  His voice is hot enough to melt her bones and her body says, "Oh yeah!!"  Riding out to meet him to sign some papers the next day she finds sex on a stick in the buff and rough body of Jackson Blue.  Young, gorgeous and absolutely melt in her mouth delicious, Lori can barely keep her mind on their conversation as her fantasies run wild with possibilities.  Jackson takes one look at this hot, curvy and luscious blonde standing beside her truck and every part of him stands up and takes notice.  She's older than he is but she is so hot looking he can hardly wait to get to know her.  Used to drilling for oil he's all primed for a more personal kind of drilling.  Electricity crackles between them from their first look and Lori knows she in for one heck of a ride.

I enjoyed this story, it was fun, touchy and tender.  The characters were hot and the sex was hotter as they carry you along on their journey of exploration.  This is a definitely enjoyable afternoon read. I'll be looking for more of Regina Carlysle's work.

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