Saturday, November 6, 2010

Haunted by the Past by Riley Ashford

Haunted by the Past by Riley Ashford is a very short story about lonliness, memories and undying love. Twila Montgomery spent her teenage summers at  Miller's Lake.  Her last summer there was bittersweet as her parents were on their way to divorce and Twila's first crush, sexy Kyle Danport, seemed to push her too fast.  Ten years later, her life in tatters, she returns to last place she had good memories of.  Her cheating boyfriend dumped her, her lecherous boss fired her and nasty bitch of a landlady kicked her out. Where else would she go except Miller's Lake.  At this point she doen't even mind having to rend the haunted cabin.  The cabin where 50 years ago a young woman disappeared and her husband was murdered.  She remembers seeing the Bride, the ghost that roamed Miller's Lake seeming to look for something lost.  She hopes that maybe the Bride has found what she lost all those years ago.  Maybe she will too.  Then the dreams start and when she calls the local police it's Kyle Danport who shows up in response to her call.  Maybe the Bride and Twila will find what they lost at Miller's Lake.

While short this was still a good story.  A fun read.

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