Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hot To Trot by Desiree Holt

Hot To Trot by Desiree Holt ... this was a very fun read.  I enjoyed this story very much.  Autumn took a leap and bought a rach on e-bay.  She sold her condo, sold her car, quit her job and moved out to Bypass, Texas.  The beautiful ranch she had seen pictures of but actually bought sight unseen, didn't look anything like the rundown, dusty, house that met her gaze as she drove into the yard of her new home. All her elation of moving, starting her life anew suddenly seemed to for a solid lump in her throat as she saw her dreams come crashing down.  Then she saw him, Mitchell Brand, ranch foremen.  One look and she saw the young stud of her dreams.  Maybe, just maybe this wasn't going to be a complete bust after all. 

The chemistry between Autumn and Mitch was evident right from the start.  The story, well written and the flow was smooth and well paced.  This was a great read, lots of fun and hot, hot sex.  **** out of 5 stars for this one. 

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Book four of the Cougar Challenge series.

Buying a ranch on eBay was the wildest thing Autumn Kelley had ever done. Past forty, she’d pretty much written excitement out of her life. But then she discovers the ranch comes with a foreman who makes her pulse pound and could give her an orgasm just by looking at her. As if that isn’t enough, he has a friend equally as mouthwatering—and the two of them take Autumn on an erotic trip that outdoes any fantasy she could ever have imagined.

If sex with one hot boy toy is fantastic, sex with two at the same time is a whole new level of amazing. But what happens when Autumn inevitably has to come down from the orgasmic high?

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