Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Locked & Loaded by Samantha Cayto

Locked & Loaded by Samantha Cayto from Ellora's Cave.  This is another title in the Tempt the Cougar series.  This was a good read.  Former army-turned ER Doctor Grace McKinnon has done nothing but work, go home and collapse for longer than she cares to remember.  Her life and her sex life has reached beyond the boring/stagnant stage.  She's been reading the Tempt the Cougar blog, lurking in the background, and while the fantasy is hot she just doesn't see herself becoming one of them.  Then she comes face to face with the exact fantasy man she's been dreaming of.  Captain Mark Bennington has brought a friend and ex-army buddy in to the ER and one look at the HOT looking Doctor coming in the door to examine his friend and he's ready to explode!  Taking a chance he gives the Dr a call and to both their surprises she agrees to a date.  Now he's got to convince her that he's the man she needs.  Grace decides to take this chance at her fantasy.  After all he's only in town for a few days on leave and he'll be leaving again for Iraq.  It's the perfect chance to show her Cougar! 
One night of hot loving and suddenly they're both fighting the attraction.  She knows she's too old and he's only taking her on for a change of pace.  He knows he wants something more than just a quick fling but his time is running out and he has to convince Grace that age doesn't matter and her hot, delicious body is exactly what he wants ... for more than just a few days!

This was a very good read.  Kept me involved in them from beginning to end.  Well worth the time! 

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