Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Nights Before Christmas by Kerry Allen

The Nights Before Christmas by Kerry Allen was a fun, hilarious read.  Irreverent, sassy, Elf Assassin meets uptight, boring and humorless vampire.  Bowe has been convicted and sentenced to death.  Her only option is to fulfill a totally impossible task; bring the Christmas spirit to a miserable bastard, i.e. Harvey Doyle, the uptight, boring and humorless vampire.  If she can't do that before Midnight Christmas Eve, she dies a painful and since they also cursed her to immortality, endless death by crushing as the clothes she wears shrink and cut her in half.  Sweet huh?  Harvey doesn't want to play so Bowe sets her aim on forcing a capitualization whether he likes it or not.  After forcing Harvey to accompany her by threatening the others in his office, she sets about making Harvey actually LIVE instead of merely exist.  The antics she goes to in order to make Harvey see the light are for the most part humorous.  She's pushy, sexy and ultimately uncaring how far she has to go to get the results she wants.  Eventually they both realize that no matter what she accomplishes the Council will still find a way of executing the sentence against her.  Harvey then makes it his business to see that it doesn't go down the way they expect it to. The ending is something neither one of them expects.
This was a funny and light romp well worth the time it took to read it. 
The Nights Before Christmas

To Harvey Doyle, law-abiding vampire and civil servant, Christmas represents no more than an inconvenient disruption of his routine. When he receives a nearly-dead elf during the office gift exchange, he discovers the true meaning of disruption.

Bowe Winderowe, elven assassin and convicted felon, has been ordered to serve the remainder of her sentence dressed as Santa’s slutty little helper. Her condemners, required to offer her a chance at redemption, claim they’ll revoke the execution order if she can awaken the Christmas spirit in the saddest excuse for a bloodsucker she’s ever seen.

Since Bowe doesn’t believe in death-averting Christmas miracles any more than Harvey does, she’s determined to spend her final twenty-four hours teaching him how to live… whether he likes it or not.

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