Friday, November 5, 2010

Play It Again, Sam by Samantha Kane

Finished Play It Again Sam by Samantha Kane last night.  This is technically the first book in the Tempt the Cougar series.  I've been reading them as the mood strikes and definitely not in order but that's OK.  Most of these books are stand alones.  They don't have to be read in order to actually enjoy and follow the series.  Each story is about a different woman and how she embraces the concept put forth by the other members of Tempt the Cougar.  I've found most of these stories very good reads so far.  Some better than others but all of them enjoyable. 
In this book Monica Allen has been working hard and suffering from the loneliness of an empty bed.  She doesn't want a relationship, she just wants sex!  She stumble into her apartment after another very long workday and faced another night alone.  She'd met a group of women a few months ago at a Romanticon and found they shared a love of erotic romance novels.  These women formed a group blog online titled Tempt the Cougar.  Most of these women were in their late 30s to early 40s and all loved the idea of filling empty nights with a hot younger man like in the novels they so loved to read.  Monica had married a younger man and helped him through school when he precipitously dumped her for a much younger woman because she was just too 'old' to have his family!  Right ... so the idea of a younger man wasn't new but it had it's own baggage attached in her life.  Still, it was time to stop fantasizing about a younger man and fill her empty bed with someone hot and real.  After all, it was just for a night and just for fun ...right?  She goes online and puts the challenge out there for the others in the blog.  Stop fantasizing and go out and LIVE!  Since she made the challenge it was only fair she became the first to act on it.  Screwing up her courage she dresses up and heads out to a local bar she remembers as being a hang out for grad students.  What better place to find her younger man!  It had been awhile since Monica had been there and she find herself surrounded by a much much younger crowd than expected.  Looking around her eyes lock with those of the bartender and the the air begins to sizzle between them.  Sam Lincoln looks up to see one gorgeous looking woman come walking in the door of the bar and everyone else seems to disappear.  This is one HOT woman and older too .. just the way Sam likes them.  All Sam can think is ... mine!  Monica may not realize it just yet but she's going home with Sam tonight!  Sam is all about Monica .. anything it takes to make her happy ... even if it means sharing her with his roommate, Josh.  Once her fantasy has been satisfied though, Sam's not sure he wants to share this beautiful woman with anyone again.  Can he convice her he's more than just a one night stand?  Can she open herself to allow another younger man into her life.  Sam has one night to satisfy Monica in such a way she'll keep coming back ... again and again. 

This was a great read, strong characters, well written and super hot sex.  As a series starter this is definitely one of the best I've read in awhile.  Not too long and not too short.  Enough to make you want to come back for more.  An excellent read.

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