Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rekindled by Mari Carr

What a fantastic fun read! Rekindled by Mari Carr is a very short story about renewed love. 

Claire was alone after 10 years with a loving husband and suddenly found herself with a ranch to run and it was seriously beginning to take its toll.  Eighteen hour days just trying to feed her hands and run the ranch was wearing her down and she really needed a break.  Her first forman had been a bust, cruel and mean and hadn't lasted two weeks.  Suddenly she finds herself looking through her screen at a man she hadn't seen in years and she wasn't sure it was a good thing.  Jeb had taken her virginity and then left for the rodeo 16 years ago. Now he's back and he wants the forman job .. and Claire.  Neither one had gotten over their feelings but too many years had passed and too many memories.  Was she willing to take a chance on something that could have been?  Jeb wanted Claire and he was willing to do anything to prove to her he'd changed and he was ready to settle down.

This had me smiling all the way through.

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