Monday, November 8, 2010

"Shackle Me Not" by Amarinda Jones

I just finished "Shackle Me Not" by Amarinda Jones.  This was one fun read!  There was laughter & tears and joy. So very much fun.  I truly enjoyed the interplay between Katharine and Will.  The chemistry, the electricity between them was excellent.  The characters were deep enough and easily identified with.  Between laughing at the sarcastic remarks that flew between the two and getting misty eyed when the emotions became too much this was one enjoyable story.  **** out of 5 stars.

Hot, wild sex is one thing but commitment is another. Katharine Mayflower is only too willing to jump Wil Sattler’s delicious body in an orgasmic frenzy of lust but the idea of forever scares her. Sure, songs have been written about it, but Katharine isn’t sure she can keep up with the beat.

Wil has two great loves—Katharine and music. His plan is to serenade her heart and body with sex, sin and submission until the only thing she can think of is him and her need for love. Music brought them back together, desire and hunger will seal their fate.

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