Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sin on Skin by Mari Freeman

Read Sin on Skin by Mari Freeman last night.  I enjoyed this one.  A high profile, career driven woman, Stevie Jones had no time for anything other than her job.  On one of her rare vacations she goes to an erotic-romance convention and meets a group of like minded women all nearing or over 40 years old who form a group called Tempt the Cougar.  Going after younger men to help satisfy a need they sometimes didn't know they had until they began talking.  Stevie not only wants a younger man, she wants a younger Alpha male to take all decision out of her hands.  Thinking she'll never find anyone like that she gives in to the one thing she thinks will at least show she has a bit of a wild side.  She decides to get a tattoo.  Getting one proves to be her opening to begin a whole new phase of her life.  She meets tattoo artist Errol and from few comments and looks she suddenly finds herself going to a private club for a little BDSM experimentation.  It's here, with Errol that Stevie finds her Alpha male and finds and relishes a whole new side of herself that she had only dreamed of before. 
The characters in this story were very good.  Strong woman, confident man sure of himself and sure of what he sees in Stevie.  They came across very real and popped the story right from the start.  Very easy to get into and it was fun to see how Stevie seemed to blossom in the new environment.  This was a very enjoyable read.

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