Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday - Monday AM Reads

Well, I guess I'll start this by catching up on what I read after my last post yesterday.  After "Unmasking Kelly" by N. J. Walters I read "Tempting Alibi" by Savanah Stuart, "Discovering Sofia" by Mel Teshco and I finished up "Sins and Redemption" by Lyn Cash this morning. 

"Tempting Alibi" by Savanah Stuart was a good story. 
"Scott got into a fair amount of trouble as a teenager, but now he’s grown and runs a respectable auto body shop. Unfortunately, the sheriff of his town has it out for him, no matter how much he’s cleaned up his act. When he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, no one is more surprised than he is when straitlaced Michaela Miller provides him with an alibi. An alibi that’s a complete lie. Determined to find out why his sexy next-door neighbor helped him out, he puts himself in danger of losing something he’d never considered. His heart."
I really enjoyed this one.  Scott and Michaela proved to be very full bodied characters.  While not getting too much into their background (which could have been fun but not really necessary) they still came across as interesting characters.  Scott is a tough, ex-marine who keep pretty much to himself and has little to say but his emotions run deep. He's very concious of his place in society. Michaela, born to the upper crust of society, has none of the usual hangups of status.  She sees Scott as a quiet yet interesting man who spikes her interest and sets her libido on fire. It's fun to watch these two interact. Makes for a very interesting and enjoyable story.  **** out of 5 stars.
"Discovering Sofia" by Mel Teshco was another nice read. 
"Sofia has struggled with insecurities since her ex-husband’s infidelity—until she meets a hitchhiker. A muscular, sexy younger man with a beautiful ass. Impulsively, she pulls her car to the side of the road and gives the scrumptious hunk a ride.
Jake’s an adventurous charmer who lets Sofia know exactly how desirable she is—proving it with his skillful hands before she even stops the car. Sofia realizes she might have found a solution to her battered self-esteem, if she has the nerve to take what Jake’s offering—a ride of the more carnal variety."

This was a very short, to the point story that while interesting, really didn't go into any depth on any of the characters.  It gave you a taste of them but only a small taste.  A fun read it was really too short to bring out any real depth.  This is a Free Read at Ellora's Cave and actually quite enjoyable.

"Sins and Redemption" by Lyn Cash was a very nice read. 

"At forty-five, Layla’s been through her share of relationships—some of them decent, others despicable—and she lends her expertise on the subject to her weekly magazine column. Her most recent article, “Sexual Sins”, outlines the seven deadly sins men commit in sexual relationships. But now, Layla has a contender—some wise-ass kid reporter has written a list of his own.
Patrick hopes his article, “Sexual Redemption”, will make a splash and land him a regular magazine gig. He also hopes it will prove to women that men, especially twenty-somethings like himself, are not all total sinners. But when he comes face-to-face with the infamous “Mama Lay”, as she’s known in the office, Patrick realizes that in addition to her age and wisdom, Layla has another secret weapon—her overwhelming sexiness.
Not one to be outdone, Patrick decides he’ll try out his own advice in his effort to seduce Layla. And Layla is ready to see if this young, handsome hotshot can keep up with her, both in print and in the bedroom."

I'm not quite sure how the title fits in but the story itself was very good. I found these characters very interesting.  Again I could have wished for more background on both of these people and a more in depth look at them but that's just me.  The story carried very well, the characters were well developed and it was easy to be drawn into their lives. **** out of 5 stars

All of these books can be found at Ellora's Cave.

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