Sunday, November 7, 2010


I just finished "Surrender" an anthology by Eden Bradley, Eliza Gayle, Reese Gabriel & Alessia Brio. 
"Breaking Skye" by Eden Bradley is a very good story.  I'll give it **** out of 5 stars.  The story of Skye, a strong woman in control of her life, an artist wanting to stretch herself, open herself to other possibilities but afraid to let go.  Adam, a Dom, sure in himself, sure of Skye's needs but hiding something deep inside that keeps him from freeing himself as much as Skye.  This is a journey of teaching, of learning, of listening, of opening to life.  Dom & Sub ... both learning and opening, letting another in close.  What a strong tale.

"Submissive Secrets" by Eliza Gayle  I liked the characters, the basis of the story was good.  My only real complaint was that it was WAYYYYYYY to short!  Just as you start to get into the story its over.  This was like a small vignette of a much larger image that remains unfinished.  It's good quick read but it just wets your appetite for more.  *** of 5 only because it was so short!

"Cupid's Captive" by Reese Gabriel  John Cupid hated Valentine's day.  His name made it impossible to enjoy and a veritable hell growing up.  He didn't believe in love and never let things go too far.  He was a lawyer and he made sure all his contacts went like a well written brief.  Each party's needs spelled out and followed to the letter.  No one got close.  Stephanie Hayes, long time friend, little sister to his partner in the firm.  She's loved John since she can remember and 3 years ago she found out his secret.  John was a Dom!  Since then Stephanie has read, experimented with college friends and basically set herself up to be exactly what John wanted/needed in a slave.  Her only problem now was to convice John she was everything he needed and that even at 21 she truly knew what she wanted.  That and to break down John's wall in getting close.  This was good.  A delicious read that really wetted the appetite.  You could see Steph pushing John's limits, pressing him to let her in and you could feel his attraction to her and his desire.  You could feel the walls he set up slowly crumbling .. but could he actually let go?  Excellent story, very well written and very deserving of **** out of 5 stars.

"Listen to Me" by Alessia Brio was a very very short story.  Nothing to grab on to.  The characters too undeveloped to really connect.  It almost read like a teaser to a longer, more complete story.  It held promise but never really delivered anything tangible.  Only ** out of 5 for this one.

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