Sunday, December 12, 2010

E-book purchases since June 2010 & why I like my Kindle

I've been trying to make time to make a spreadsheet of all the books I've gotten for the Kindle since I started buying e-books this year.  Looking back I came up with these numbers:

Since 9/13/10 I've got    44 books from Ellora's Cave.
                                       7 from Samhain/MyBookstore & More
since 6/6/10 I've got    465 from Amazon

These are not all inclusive since I've downloaded many free reads from authors pages to put out on my Kindle and I've ordered books from several other on-line stores such as

Total E-Bound
Cobblestone Press
Resplendence Publishing
Books on Board
All Romance
 and a couple of more places that just won't come to mind right now.

Here begins my rambling! 

My TBR list is H U G E but since I read close to 7 or more books a week it really isn't that bad.  Many of these books are short stories sold individually and many are full sized novels.  I love to read and since getting the Kindle I've been able to indulge myself much more than usual.  Generally the books I get range from $2.00 up to $9.99 although the majority fall somewhere in between. I've also found that the pricing of e-books mostly by publishing houses can at times be absolutely ridiculous.  I mean when you can get the paperback for $5.99 and the e-book costs $9.99 ???? Get serious!  I think the publishers are worried that all the money they spend on advertising and printing is going to be lost if too many people buy e-books so they price the e-books higher in the hopes to make people buy print versions.  This is ridiculous.  There is a time and a place for hard printed versions of books.  I love books and there really is nothing like holding, smelling, feeling a printed book gives. The e-books though make being able to carry almost an entire library around with you so easy and you always have something to read or can download something new if nothing you have strikes your fancy.  I like the idea of having 400+ books at my fingertips at all times.  I'm one of those people who find a good book/series (I REALLY like good series) and will go back to them again and again.  I really like being able to just flip through the pages of my Kindle list and pick the book I feel like reading at any time, any place and if I see a new book in the series ... whoosh! It's on my Kindle and I'm ready to read it in less than a minute.  Convenience .. that's what the Kindle and e-books give me.  Convenience is very important but there are times on cold, rainy or snowbound days that curling up in my chair in front of the fire with a good printed book surpasses convenience.  The feel, the texture, the smell of a good printed volume held in your hands is just awesome.  I can't tell you how many days & nights I've spent in just that way.  I've also discovered that the older I get the bigger some of the books get too and heavier. Sometimes a large hardback book is just too heavy or cumbersome to deal with, especially when I'm feeling under the weather.  That's where my Kindle saves the day.  My eyes aren't what they used to be either and being able to adjust the print size on the Kindle is just awesome!  With a book light built into the Kindle cover it comes out just about perfect for any situation. 

I'm not knocking other types of e-readers.  I know people who like the Nook and several other e-readers but since I only have experience with the Kindle I honestly can't compare them.  I have the Kindle App for my iPhone and have it installed on my desktop and laptop as well.  I'm never without something to read.

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