Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love My Way by Bridget Midway

Love My Way by Bridget Midway is a very interesting, very catchy read.  It was another one of those books where I wasn't sure if I was going to like it that much going in but once I actually got into the book I found myself fascinated by the characters. 
Eagan Morgan is an arrogant, egotistical man who has recently had his life shaken to the core.  A man with the magical touch when it comes to movies, TV, plays he suddenly finds himself losing ground ... fast! Unused to not being in total control Egan becomes harder and angry and slowly begins to alienate even those closest to him.  Something has to change and soon or his whole world is going to come toppling down around him.

 Ananda Zelder is a dancer in need of work who auditions for a show being produced by "the" Eagan Morgan.  She needs a break to showcase her dancing skills which are extremely good but just not in demand.  She's getting a bit older than the other dancers, no where near finished but still, everyone wants "young."  She's good and has great moves but Eagan is too lost in his own troubles to really 'see' her.  "You're not what we're looking for. Accept that answer and leave the stage." Abrupt and cutting, he dashes her hopes. By the time she gets back to her apartment she's hot, frustrated and worried about how she's going to pay her rent.  Just as things really seem to be hitting bottom she gets a call from Eagan's aide asking her if she'd like a chance to get back at Eagan and at the same time get a chance to showcase her dancing skill on TV.  All expenses paid and win or lose she can use the show as a springboard for her career.  It sounds almost too good to be true.  Then Carter drops the bomb.  The show, called Love, My Way is about Eagan's search for a new submissive.  A BDSM show and the women will have to prove that they want to serve Eagan in every way.  Ananda was brought up religious and this really goes against everything she's been taught but she really needs this break and after some cajoling by Carter she agrees to at least give it a shot.  At the worst she drops out early, at the best she gets to the top spots and then drops out, shooting Eagan's ego down and giving a huge leap to her career chances as a dancer.

Eagan is a Dom and his last submissive, Ophelia, cut him to the core when she decided that she needed to go her own way.  She wanted to be an actress and she had used him to get her foot in the door.  Now she wants more and leaving is the way to get it.  Eagan had thought that Ophelia was the perfect submissive.  She was everything he's wanted and her leaving is what began his sudden downward spiral.  He's not sure he's ready to put himself out there again.  Not willing to open up to another woman.  Add problems with the star of his current movie and an estrangement with his family, a film crew invading the privacy of his home and you have a very tense and volatile situation. What none of these people expect is the electricity and passion that suddenly flares when Eagan meets Ananda for the first time.  Something clicks between them and even though Ananda is a complete neophyte with the BDSM scene she suddenly finds herself wanting to please Eagan in any way she can.  Eagan doesn't understand the attraction he feels for the submissive-in-training he calls Begonia but it is undeniable and immediate.  She presses his buttons at every turn and he finds himself falling for her in a way he thought he'd never find again. 

The journey that both of these people go on explores passions, desires and needs ways that may seem very outre to some but at the core is a very basic need for a love and relationship that works for both people. Ananda faces her inner needs, her desire to dance and her need to please Eagan in a relationship that is absolutely foreign to her religious upbringing.  Eagan finds himself facing things he'd really rather just ignore but finds no longer possible to do.  His family, his pain in losing Ophelia, his need to control even the lives of his friends, his sudden loss of control.  He can't get enough of a woman who he believes he should have kicked off the show the first night and she forces him to take a hard, close look at himself ... and others around him. 

This really was a fascinating and enjoyable read.  The characters are real and complex and the story is a veritable roller coaster of emotions.  In a way this story reminded me of a movie I saw called, "The Secretary," especially at the end.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a slightly off-beat romance and who loves seeing character change and grow.

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  1. Thank you so much, Skip, for reading and reviewing my novel, LOVE MY WAY. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed writing it.