Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Boy Next Door by Nicole Austin

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During the day, Cathy Markham is a sweet, innocent, slightly frumpy hometown girl with a heart of gold. At night, however, she is replaced by Cat—a tough as nails, independent, sexy bar owner who is a master at playing the boys. Her goals and dreams are simple—run her bar, gain the security of owning her own home, and live life her own way.

Ex-Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Carlisle returns to the only real home he's ever known to find that everything has changed. His old friends have grown up, moved on with their lives. Even the awkward little girl who used to idolize him has matured in some very wonderful ways. Maybe the very things he's been searching the globe for have been right at home all along.

They say you can never go home, but home is where his heart is. If so, then maybe Blake can finally grow up, adjust to civilian life, and find peace. On this journey he will do whatever it takes to make Cathy's dreams a reality as she fights to discover the real woman behind the roles she plays.

This was a very nice read.  It was interesting right from the beginning.  It grabbed my attention and held it all the way through.  I really enjoyed the characters and the conflict between Cat (Cathy) and Blake was something to see.  It took me awhile but the emotions were there too, kind of hidden at first but coming on strong as I got into the story.  It had me laughing and crying, especially at the end.  The electricity between Blake and Cathy was right there in plain sight right from the beginning.  It grabbed me and pulled me along with it, telling me to read between the lines, catch the nuances in their characters as they turned it on and off fighting the inevitable.  To see the passion that Cathy had hidden away and watch it blend her two sides together was really something else.  Watching her bloom into the sensual creature once she let go and lowered her barriers was really enjoyable.  This was a really fun read and one I can definitely recommend.  If you like this story you need to read Nicole Austin's Corralled Series from Ellora's Cave.  Hot and sexy with characters you can really sink your teeth into! 

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