Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maison Domine: A Binding Ties Story by Skylar Kade

Maison Domine: A Binding Ties story Maison Domine: A Binding Ties story  Maison Domine: A Binding Ties story

Organic chemist Lara Brunner is at loose ends. Since childhood, her life has been focused on work and achieving success in her field. Only now, weeks away from her tenure review, she realizes she's pushed herself too far. Casting about for a way to release her stress-crazed body from career tension, she visits a BDSM retreat, hoping a weekend of sexual submission will do the trick.

Inducting her into the lifestyle is her at-work nemesis—Jaxon Greene. But the sinful intent she encounters in Jaxon's sexy eyes makes her heart race with desire...and fear. Gorgeous men like him don't go for zaftig academics like her. Once the fantasy weekend is over and real life returns, he'll forget all about her.

Jaxon is blindsided by his intense attraction to Lara. The more time he spends with her, the stronger their invisible bonds become. Bonds that are stronger and more permanent than any knot he can tie. He's not normally into converting vanilla women to his lifestyle, but something makes him want to cast his inhibitions aside and claim her for his own.

First, though, he has to free her from preconceived notions of proper sex…and love.

I enjoyed this story.  The characters were fun and the story moved along well.  Unfortunately I had to read this one is bits and pieces (not so unusual since I read many books this way) and it just didn't stick with me.  It was enjoyable and I slid easily back into the story each time I picked it up but I had the hardest time remembering where I was (and that is unusual).  Some stories you just know you aren't going to like or that they just aren't what you're in the mood for or they just don't work.  This was NOT one of those stories.  It did work, the story and characters were good but it just didn't click for me.  Now since I did like the story and the people I'm going to have to say it was me.  I was a bit under the weather when I read this and running on fumes I was so tired that I'm sure this was why I couldn't wrap my head around this one when I put it down.  Having said that it was me I can say it is definitely worth a read.  Even in my out of it state of mind it still stayed with me enough to want to finish.  I liked it, I really did but I wish I had read it in a better state of health. I'm sure I would have had a more glowing review.  As it was it did take my mind off of not feeling well.  That alone made it worth my while.

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