Friday, March 18, 2011

Back again!

Well, I've been away for awhile what with the odd virus going around and a pretty nasty cold I really haven't been able to get out here and post.  That doesn't mean I haven't read anything.  LOL! That's never going to happen.  I read constantly, more so when I'm stuck home sick.  Takes my mind off of feeling crappy and keeps my spirits up.  I've read over 50 stories just in the past month or so.  A number of these are shorts.  Some very short but many of them of full novels, novellas and all of them are fun to read.  I have sticky notes all over my desk with books I've seen advertised on Twitter or on author's web pages that I want.  I make regular stops at Ellora's Cave, Samhain Publishing, LooseID, Carina Press and many more just to check new releases and read the blurbs and sometimes excerpts.  Instant gratification with my Kindle is such an awesome thing! *S*

I've found many a new (or at least new to me) author by reading freebies and shorts that I may have otherwise  missed.  Amazon always has books for $0.00 and many author's sites have freebies that usually fit somewhere between one book and another or are prequels.  I've come to check out any links to freebies, shorts, extended excerpts and by doing so I've discovered a number of longer stories, series (I am a SERIOUS series junkie!) and a number of authors I may have passed by simply because they didn't catch my eye.  One of the real benefits of e-books that I've come to really appreciate is the ability to touch more books, stories & authors than I would normally be able to do.

Before I bought my Kindle I'd see book promotions or read a blurb on line that caught my interest but since I generally manage to get out to a real book store about once a month or so (sorry but I don't consider K-Mart and Wal Mart real book stores) half the time I'd forget what I'd seen and miss out on some great stories.  I've bought books through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc on line but then the wait for them to be delivered cooled some of my enthusiasm.  I tend to buy books according to my moods, my favorite authors & series and many times the wait saw a change in my attention and books would end up coming in and sitting for months before I would get back to them. Since I've had my Kindle and Kindle App for my PC & iPhone I've been a lot more apt to grab a book that catches my interest because I can start reading it right away!  Which also brings me back to my statement about reading shorts and freebies.  I'll grab those right away and they spark my interest in a new author or lead me to another series and I'm off again.  My Kindle has allowed me to stretch my reading choices, allowed me more spontaneous buys.  I'm finding more and more that catch my interest.  I can honestly say that I've actually read many more books since I've had my Kindle that usual and for me that's saying a lot.

I love to read.  It's the one joy I've had all my life that I've managed to carry with me all over the world.  I still have my copies of Edgar Rice Burroughs Pelucidar series.  Prices for NEW paperback ranging from $0.35 to $0.75.  I have my Louis L'Amour collection, my Zane Grey books, Anne McCaffrey, Philip Jose Farmer, Roger Zelazny and many many more.  Problem there is that room is at a premium and I can't always have all my books out where I can get to them.  Yes I'm one of those who will re-read a story over and over.  Anne McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang is one of my all time favorites.  I tend to go back and read series from the beginning to end when a new story comes out just so I can refresh my mind about characters and plots.  I read David Weber's Honor Harrington series about once a year because I love the characters and the story.  J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood is another one I read from beginning to end.  It's like meeting old friends, reminiscing and getting back in touch with good times.  With the Kindle I've got hundreds of books at my finger tips no matter where I am.  New books are a key stroke away and books I've read and archived are still available at a moments notice.  Having all of my favorites right there and only having to carry something the size of a single paperback is absolutely fantastic.  I'm NEVER without something to read. 

I recently had my Kindle crash on me.  I was reading a book and it hung on a page and wouldn't move.  Re-setting, holding the power switch, hooking it up to the charger, nothing worked.  I can't say it was a complete surprise.  For the past few weeks my Kindle had been acting very tempermental.  At odd moments it would hang up on me.  It would have a full charge, I could be reading or maybe have set it down to do something and then it wouldn't come back from the screen saver.  I would usually just hook up the power cord and after about 20 or 30 seconds it would reset itself.  Annoying but not devastating.  Then that day I had charged the Kindle all night and was sitting in my chair reading the 3rd book in a new series I'd found and bam! Lock up!  This time nothing was working to bring it back.  Crash and burn, I was frustrated, upset and so not looking forward to dealing with tech support. I mean they never make it easy for you do they?  They always have to turn things around and make returning or replacing something a major battle.  I called Amazon Tech Support and explained my problem.  I was passed on to a Kindle Support Tech and after the usual run through of; Did you reset your Kindle? Did you hold the power button for 20 seconds?  Have you tried re-charging the Kindle? I was very surprised when the tech said, "OK, no problem.  Let me verify your information and we'll have a new Kindle out to you." What? No hassle? No did you drop it, sit on it, are you sure you didn't get it wet? What a pleasant surprise! This was Saturday afternoon and after confirming my address the tech said they would overnight me a new Kindle and it would be there Tuesday.  Sure enough, Tuesday afternoon there came the familiar brown truck and voila!  A new Kindle in my hot, eager hands. I was a very happy camper.  I mean I had the Kindle App on my PC and my phone but I really was missing my actual Kindle!

Well, I've managed to ramble on here for quite a bit.  I'll be back later and put out my impressions on some of the books I've read and some really fun series.  What can I say ... I REALLY love to read!