Sunday, July 31, 2011

April's Reading List (Playing Catch Up)

OK, Heres what I read in April!  Oh and if you're wondering about the text ... I did a cut and paste of what my Kindle posted on Facebook.  The Kindle lets you rate and comment on any books you purchase through  It leaves the comment space at 140 characters as it double posts to Twitter as well.

Finished First Instinct by Jlee Meyer & gave it 4 stars. Excellent characters, fantastic story.

When high stakes security fraud leads to murder, one woman flees for her life while another risks her heart to protect her. Leigh Grove is an upwardly mobile whiz kid in a high-profile investment company. When she discovers something may be amiss, her perfect life starts to unravel. Conn Stryker not only runs a forensic software company, she does a bit of work for a government agency on the side. She has arranged her life the way she designs her software: complete control and no surprises. When Leigh stumbles into Conn's latest investigation, Conn's first instinct is to walk away from their growing attraction. But when violence and murder are added to the mix, it's a race against time to save the woman who has staked a claim on her heart.

Finished Heart of the Matter by KI Thompson & gave it 4 stars. Wonderful characters & story.

Ellen Webster, professor of history, can't help but fantasize about her next-door neighbor Kate Foster—after all, she sees her on the evening news every night. Sexy and smart, Kate is Ellen's dream girl, but the dynamic TV newscaster doesn't know Ellen exists. Struggling with self-doubt and low self-esteem, Ellen can only watch the parade of beautiful women Kate brings home. But a rainy night and near tragedy change everything when Kate is involved in an automobile accident and turns to Ellen for help. Withdrawing from the world, Kate comes to depend upon Ellen for far more than she realizes—until the day Ellen tells her that she is leaving on sabbatical. Ellen and Kate's journey leads them beyond the transitory nature of superficial beauty to the true splendor of the love they hold in their hearts.

Finished The Long Way Home by Rachel Spangler & gave it 4 stars. Amazing characters, awesome story.

They say you can’t go home again, but Raine St. James doesn’t know why anyone would want to. Rory St. James was disowned after she came out at seventeen. She rebounded by moving to Chicago, changing her name to Raine and putting down her to audiences around the country. Now, ten years later, too old to be considered a gay youth, broke, evicted, and fresh off a much needed break-up, Raine St. James is forced to accept a job teaching at Bramble University in Darlington, the town she’s been publicly bashing for the last decade. Beth Devoroux was born and raised in Darlington. Despite losing her parents at a young age, she is well loved by everyone who knows her. She leads a comfortable life with good job at Bramble University, a long-term but closeted relationship, friends that she can count on, and everything she thinks she wants, so why is she so drawn to a rabble-rouser like Raine St. James? Can Raine and Beth face their pasts and come to terms with their differences in order to have any hope for a future together?

Finished Risking It All by Anna Leigh Keaton & gave it 4 stars. Great story & characters!

Love has a price... he must decide what he's willing to pay. Running from London, England, her overbearing father, and an arranged marriage, Neela Singh seeks shelter on Travis Kincaid's ranch in Arizona. The cowboy is even bigger and sexier than the man she remembered-and loved-from her youth. Now if he could only see her for the woman she is, not who he believes her to be. Travis can't keep his eyes-or hands-off of Neela. As much as he detests her pampered princess' upbringing, there's something sweet about her that draws him. And once he's tasted her, there's no stopping his desire for her.

Finished Dangerous Intentions by Anna Leigh Keaton & gave it 4 stars. Excellent book, great characters, excellent series.

Finished Healing Touch by Anna Leigh Keaton. Great story, great characters, great series.

Finished One Night of Paradise by Anna Leigh Keaton & gave it 4 stars. Great story, great series.

Normally shy, quiet, unassuming Carol sets out to nab her man. She's seen him frequent the local pub and knows that's where he goes every Friday night after work. Dolled up to the nines, her plain hair highlighted, her drab matronly garb traded in for a sexy, slinky

Finished Five Alarm Neighbor by Anna Leigh Keaton and gave it 4 stars. Excellent story!

Gracie Terrence has lived next door to firefighter Steve Sheldon for two years. She’s lusted after his hot body since day one, but Steve is a taken man. Gracie is no home wrecker and keeps her fantasies locked safely behind closed doors. Besides,... all she wants is one hot night with him. After getting dumped by his fiancée, Steve decides it’s time to have a little fun with Gracie. She makes his blood heat. But when one night turns to two, and emotions complicate their simple affair, can they survive the inferno of their growing love?

Finished Sweet Surrender (To Serve and Protect 5) by Anna Leigh Keaton and gave it 4 stars. Awesome!

Her richest late-night fantasies couldn’t compare to the real thing. Detective Paul Jensen has the hots for his downstairs neighbor. After barging into her place wearing nothing but leopard-print underwear to save her from a would-be attacker, he just get his chance with her. Ever since her good-for-nothing husband ran off with a woman half her age, Celeste Kolowski emotionally shut down. But now, sexier-than-sin Paul from upstairs offers the one thing she's craving—a night of passion. He's too young, too handsome, too experienced, and her adult daughters have a crush on him. So why does her heart tell her to jump in and see what happens anyway?

Finished Rescue Me (To Serve and Protect 4) by Anna Leigh Keaton & gave it 4 stars. Excellent story!

He saved her life, but she was his salvation. An attempt to salvage a failing relationship leaves city girl, Carla Benevito stranded, injured, and lost in the woodlands of Wisconsin. Starving, she struggles for survival even as she gives up all hope of ever... finding the man of her dreams. After years spent conducting search and rescue missions for the Cooper Valley Fire Department, Jamie Roberts is resolved to a life as a bachelor with is partner—his only female companion—a gentle wolfhound named Pixie. But that was before a missing woman stumbles across his campsite...and straight into his heart.

Finished Masks by Evangeline Anderson and gave it 3 stars. interestimg read, nice story.

Chloe's identical twin sister Zoe wants a favor. She needs Chloe to dress up in her work clothes and meet an important client, pretending to be her. There's just one problem. Zoe isn't an investment banker as she's led everyone to believe—she's a dominatrix and her work clothes include a leather bustier, thigh-high boots and a feathered mask. There are three rules, according to Zoe—don't lose control of the situation, don't have sex with the client, and never take off the mask. Shy, retiring Chloe has no idea how to go about dominating anyone. But that won't be a problem for long because the "client", Mark Jacobs, is a hot alpha male in a black leather mask of his own who prefers to take the lead when it comes to sex. Soon Chloe is breaking all the rules for one night of forbidden passion but when she decides to take off her mask and asks Mark to do the same, she has no idea that the black leather he wears conceals a dark secret that may change her life forever.

Finished Red's Wolf (Terra's Guardians) by PJ Schnyder and gave it 4 stars. Veryy great characters.

Carri has definitely caught the eye of the big bad wolf. Visiting the Glacier Valley pack to get a little breathing room from life in the city, Carri uses her skills to help install a high tech airspace sensor array for her adoptive grandmother’s pack. Jason is a lone wolf, good at doing his job and good at being alone. Sparks fly between them, igniting desire hotter than Carri's red hood. But the Glacier Valley pack has made it clear Carri is under their protection and off limits. Yet, the heat between them is undeniable, and when Carri makes her choice clear, Jason is ready to claim her as his. He'll go against the pack and any rivals, even take down an alien hunter to have her and protect her. Excerpt -"Watch yourself!" A strong hand grabbed her upper arm, roughly pulling her against a rock-hard surface, steadying her. Actually, the hard surface was a very muscular chest, under a soft flannel shirt. The hood of her jacket framed the view of her rescuer’s chest and she abruptly wondered if the rest of him was as appealing. A wave of dizziness hit her, and she clutched at the soft fabric beneath her hands. Her blood sugar was bottoming out after the long train ride. "I'm so sorry." Carri unclenched her fingers, speaking carefully through the moment of weakness. "I'm really clumsy, and I guess I tried to do too many things at once. I'm fine now, really. "A deep chuckle rumbled around her, and she peeked out from under her hood. From the strong, stubble-covered chin to his wide smile full of straight, white teeth and eyes a startling steel grey rimmed in stark black, he embodied the rugged wilderness she’d come to visit. And he still held her up close and personal. Heat rushed into her face as she stepped to one side, mentally congratulating herself for not stepping backward and wasting his timely save with a second fall off the platform. "No apologies needed." His dark voice rolled over her in a slow wave, sending shivers through her despite the layers of clothing she wore. He paused for a heartbeat, his gaze roving over her face. "I will take a 'thank you' though. "Before she could say just that, he leaned in lightning quick, capturing her lips. Heat seared through her as his mouth sealed over hers, and a strong hand caught her jaw, tilting her head up to meet him. His tongue teased her, smothering any protest then darted into her mouth to taste her. A low moan worked its way up her throat, nothing like the protest she'd intended. Releasing her, the stranger flashed a feral grin and hopped off the platform before she could take a swing at him. Sputtering, Carri watched him land the dozen feet below with ease, her heart pounding in her chest. Every part of her skin tingled as he turned back to look up at her. "Let Ben know Jason decided to take the long way into Glacier Valley pack territory.” He grinned up at her. "See you around, Red." AUTHOR BIO: Born and raised in the North East, PJ Schnyder spent her childhood pretending to study for the SATs by reading every fantasy and sci-fi novel she could borrow from the local and school libraries. She scored fairly high in the verbal portion. She was introduced to the wonderful world of romance a decade later by her best friend at an anime convention in Seattle. She now lives somewhere temperate watching the seasons go by with her two dogs and super stealthy ninja kitty, writing her stories.

Finished Beguiled by Paisley Smith & gave it 4 stars. Very good story & excellent characters.

Genre: Lesbian Historical The Civil War has torn Belle Holloway’s world apart. Left to manage her Georgia plantation with little help, she is exasperated when the Union Army adds to her burden by leaving a wounded soldier behind. But upon closer examination, Belle is shocked to discover the soldier is actually a beguiling woman. Clad in male attire, stubborn, brash Alice O’Malley awakens a passion in Belle she never knew existed. Alice dominates Belle’s lonely existence with taboo pleasures and erotic escape. Soon Belle realizes she is more than willing to submit her body and her heart to the woman whose strength and compassion she admires -- until those very attributes prove to be the catalyst that could destroy their newfound love. Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, female/female sexual practices

Read several short stories but none of them worth posting. Now that's sad. Not a total waste of time but definitely nothing worth sharing. Hopefully the one I'm reading now will be better.

Some stories don't stick with me but that's usually because the characters aren't very real or memorable. Most that I read though I can tell you the plot and most of the main characters. It all depends. I've always loved to read eve...r since Mom started me out on the Hardy Boys and Albert Payson Terhnune’s Lad a Dog stories. That's just something I've never NOT enjoyed doing. Now with the Kindle it makes it that much easier to keep books to hand.

Finished She Slipped and Fell by Shonda and gave it 4 stars

Tina Jones is alluring and outspoken. Kendall Long is sexy, yet delicate. Whether separate or together, these stunning best friends tend to cause quite a stir among the male population. An innocent fall, however, propels their friendship to a new plateau -...- one where each is compelled to explore and confront her sexuality. She Slipped and Fell alternates between each characters' point of view, for only Tina and Kendall can decide whether or not their friendship, and love, is strong enough to endure the humility that is oftentimes associated with being different. Will Tina and Kendall risk stepping outside of their comfort zone into unfamiliar territory, defying society, God, and their families, in their quest to discover who they truly are?

Finished Strapless by Honoria Ravena and gave it 3 stars

Suffering from heartache over her broken engagement, Nadia has sworn off men. Elisheba, who has been a confidant throughout the break up, has always stood by Nadia—but Elisheba has more on her mind than friendship.

Finished Georgia's English Rose by JT Harding and gave it 4 stars. Very cool very sweet very good.

In wartime normal rules no longer apply. Georgia and Lillian find themselves posted to a new Radar station on the south coast of England, where they share a small room and try to keep their growing feelings for each other a secret, even to themselves. When... Lillian invites Georgia to her home for a weekend visit, the floodgates burst and a passion both of them have been holding back erupts. What starts as a need for mutual relief quickly escalates into a wild, physical passion that neither can control.

---​-Warning: This story contains scenes of explicit lesbian sex, sharing of a bath, wellington boots and Yorkshire puddings, although not necessarily in that order.------------------------​-----------------------------

S​AMPLE: Georgia slid her hand down my side and then inwards. I felt her tug at the tie on my pajama bottoms, tug it, loosen it and then untie it completely. One side dropped to the mattress. Georgia lifted the other and laid it back over my hip. I felt air cool against my lower belly. Felt air touch my pubic hair. I was almost completely exposed, and I didn't care. No, that was wrong, I wanted to be naked like Georgia, wanted to be naked for Georgia. She moved above to me, our bare breasts touching now, and I shivered again. "You're not cold are you, honey?" she breathed. "Hot," I said. "That's good. I wanna kiss you again, Lil. I wanna kiss you so goddamn much." "Kiss me then, Georgia," I said, and as she did I lay back and she came over on top of me, her mouth on my mouth, opening against my lips, and I moved against her as her leg slid over mine and her thigh pressed between my legs. I wanted to move my tongue, wanted to lick her lips and tried to stop myself in case it disgusted her, but my tongue wouldn't listen, it had a life of its own and I let it go where it wanted. I ran the tip of my tongue along Georgia's full bottom lip and heard her gasp. Then her tongue came back and did the same to me. Our lips met again, mouths open, and this time my tongue went past her lips and I found hers coming to meet mine. I think I groaned. I know I felt Georgia's lips vibrate on mine.My hands stroked her silky back, running up and down the muscled length, and then I let them stray down and rest against the first bloom of her full ass. I rolled the globes in my palms and felt her push against me, grinding her pubic hair against my leg, which lay trapped between hers. Her pussy was so wet. It pressed against my thigh and I felt her labia flatten against my skin. Somehow as we moved my pajama bottoms worked themselves further down and were now below my knees. As soon as Georgia gave me space I would kick them off and we would both be naked. It felt as if my entire body was being licked with fire. Georgia's mouth lifted from mine, but only so that she could kiss my neck. I arched my back, feeling the tingle run straight down to that eager point between my legs. Georgia was wet down there, but I felt like I was leaking. "You remember what we did in the bath?" I said, beyond shyness now. "How could I forget, honey?" Georgia pecked at my chin, my earlobes, my neck. Her hand stroked my breasts, found my nipples and tugged them. "I think I'm going to have to do that again," I said.

Finished Love UnExpected by Shelia Goss and gave it 3 stars

LOVE UNEXPECTED is a novella by Shelia Goss. It centers around two sets of best friends who succumb to true love after overcoming a series of obstacles to their relationships. Desiree Hagan is a voluptuous counselor whose ex-husband left her because she g...ained weight. She spends her days comforting clients but all that comforts her is the remote control as she cuddles up with a series of romance novels. Does someone finally bring her comfort? Brandon Hughes life is too busy for commitments. The only commitment he is willing to make is to his career as a security analyst. Climbing the corporate ladder, and not romance, is his number one priority. Is he willing to change? Sparkle Mason's aggressive style and independence wards off the bravest of men. Professionally, she is very successful, but her personal life leaves a trail of failed relationships. Does she meet her knight in shining armor? Eric Lawson, a casualty of a long, draining relationship is looking forward to bachelor hood. The last thing he wants is another woman trying to pressure him into marriage. Will he be a lifelong bachelor or will the right woman change his mind? This is the reissued version with a new cover for Kindle.

Finished Battered Not Broken by Celia Kyle & gave it 4 stars. Good read, good characters, good fun.

Gillian Locke has been beaten, battered, and bruised, but her ex-boyfriend still hasn’t managed to break her. When she left Kyle for the last time, she knew the only way she’d ever be back in his grasp is over her dead body. When her car breaks down at the top of a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm, she thinks nature will take care of her death for him. On the run, the last thing she expects is to be offered shelter by three gorgeous men who can’t seem to get enough of her. The Bearclaw brothers are descendants of the ancient Anikota tribe of Indians. Their beast spirit and blessing from the Maker allows them the ability to sense the one who would complete their soul. Being triplets, they always expected their mate to be one woman they’d share. With the Maker’s blessing, they’ll be able to ease past Gillian’s defenses before her past threatens to end their future. Molten Silver: m/m/m/f sexin'. The men are brothers, so there's no lovin' between them, but plenty showered on the heroine. Violence against the heroine from the bad guy. And did I mention hot m/m/m/f sexin?

Finished Blood of the Maple by Dana Marie Bell & gve it 4 stars. Awesome story & characters. More please!!  Very entertaining and the story flowed smoothly all the way through.  I enjoyed this one a lot.

A seduction-gone-wrong leaves vampire Parker Hollis with a new vegetarian lifestyle and on the run from a vengeful witch. Moving to small-town Maggie's Grove, Parker meets a redheaded dryad with green, leafy blood that draws him in a way he hasn't experienced in decades. His new neighbor smells divine, and it isn't long before craving gives in to need. In a unique community of supernaturals, tree-loving outcast Amara Schwedler has never quite fit in. She's scarred by a traumatic incident and feared by the local townsfolk. She's convinced Parker will look elsewhere for a mate once he discovers she's not one of the O-positive set, and can't believe it when Parker finds her irresistible. When the witch who's been plaguing Parker's life discovers the newfound attraction between Parker and Amara, she takes out her anger on the town. Can the supernaturals of Maggie's Grove accept Amara and band together in time to withstand the assaults of the enraged witch?78,000

Finished Prescription for Love by Tina Gallagher & gave it 4 stars. Fun read.

Kate Grady has a lot on her plate. She's living by her father's rules in order to patch their strained relationship. She's running the family pharmacy single-handedly while said father heals his broken hip. His physical therapy doesn't include breathing her shoulder but he manages to do it anyway. Then in walks John O'Brien, the boy next door. The very sexy, seven years younger boy next door. The last time she'd seen him, he'd been a gangly, gawky boy with thick glasses. Oh how he's grown. Can Kate look past their age difference to appreciate the man John has become?

Finished reading In The Hay (Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas) & gave it 4 stars.  This is a great series and each book is just as much fun as the last! 

In The Hay, Trail Arkansas

It's been a White Picket Fence life for Nicolette. Charming, but tedious. She graduated high school, raring to go. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems though. The fear of being stuck in a rut, living a dull day-to-day life keeps Nicolette from settling on a career, despite her six years of college ...

Finished A Celtic Knot by Ana Corman & gave it 4 stars. Beautiful story & characters.

In this sensitive, passionate lesbian romance, two fiercely independent women circle each other's magnetic fields. Hesitant about love after a difficult breakup, Catherine O'Grady has found fulfillment in her San Diego bookstore, and laughter in the company of good friends. Her vital, loving mother is a five-year cancer survivor, and Catherine is eager to embrace life far from doctors and hospitals. Oncologist Olivia Carrington cares deeply about her patients, and has little time for anything else. Still, when she crosses paths with the beautiful, fiery daughter of Dana O'Grady, she knows she wants Catherine at the heart of her life. Catherine is intensely attracted to Olivia, but feels their worlds can never meet. Olivia ultimately challenges her to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, sending a few new pieces every day. As a magical, enigmatic picture takes shape, both women understand that they must face their pasts in order to embrace their future.

Finished Just for Tonight by Lynn Carmer & gave it 4 stars. Lots of fun. A good enjoyable read.

Ava Sinclair finds her no-good cheating fiancé in bed with a bleach blond bimbo. What is a girl to do? Head to Cabo with her best gal pal and catch the eye of someone tall, dark and handsome. Can Derek make Ava forget? Can Ava help Derek overcome his own painful past?

Finished The Christmas Fantasy by KT Grant and gave it 4 stars. A very fun & enjoyable read.

On a mission to lose her virginity before her thirtieth birthday on Christmas Day, Mandy Lockeheart plans to seduce the only man she’s ever loved; her brother’s best friend, firefighter Jackson Montgomery. With the sexy new body she’s ...worked hard to earn, she’s certain she can convince him to fulfill her fantasies. When Mandy comes to him with her sexy proposal, Jackson can’t refuse her adorable seduction. Unfortunately, Mandy’s brother doesn’t want anyone playing around with his baby sister. Jackson must choose between respecting his friend’s wishes and making love to his perfect Christmas present. Between Mandy’s occasionally poor body image and Jackson’s honor, the lovers must fight to realize their Christmas Fantasy.

Finished Always the Bridesmaid by Dakota Trace & gave it 4 stars. Great fun. Great read!

She was always a bridesmaid...until she met him .Always the bridesmaid, that’s what everyone says about dependable Jenna Smith and with her cousin’s wedding coming up and no boyfriend in sight, she doesn’t expect it to change. That&#x2...019;s until she meets Dr. Noah Absolom, one of the groomsmen. Not only does he not mind her BBW size, he seems to love it. Even as she basks in his attention, Jenna’s ugly past with the best man rears its ugly head. Rather than letting Jenna flee from it, Noah proposes that he help her get sweet revenge on her cheating ex – all Jenna has to do is accept.

Finished RAINEY DAYS (Rainey Bell Mystery) by R. E. Bradshaw & gave it 5 stars. Great characters!!!

Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year, after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out. She drinks too much and hasn't had a good night's sleep in months. On a hung-over morning, in June, Rainey finds her...self thrust back into the world of stalkers, rapist and serial killers by a request for help, from an old friend. The next thirteen days will change Rainey's life forever, if she survives. On top of all that, Katie, her friend's wife, the one she is supposed to protect, brings out feelings Rainey didn't know she had. Though Katie is married and neither she nor Rainey has ever been in a lesbian relationship, the two women are thrown together by a bizarre series of events, learning to depend on each other for survival.

Finished Complementary Colors by Kate Evans & gave it 3 stars. Good story but hard to get into the characters.

What happens when a 31-year-old straight woman falls in love with a lesbian? It's 1993, and Gwen Sullivan is agitated. She's been married and divorced and is now living with her scientist boyfriend who loses himself in dark moods. Her job at a tutoring and her work on the Bill Clinton-for-President campaign leave her vaguely dissatisfied. She hopes taking a night class in poetry might help. In the poetry class, the allure of two lesbians takes her by surprise. She can't get them out of her mind. This prompts her to question who she is—and who she wants to be. Soon, Gwen cannot deny her intense attraction to one of the women, Jamie. The feeling is mutual, but Jamie, too, is in a long-term relationship—with a woman minister. As Jamie and Gwen become more and more entwined, Gwen must ask herself who she is and what she wants from life. She begins to see gender, sex and sexuality differently. And as she feels compelled to “confess” her love for Jamie to her women friends, she is continually surprised by their complex reactions. This leads her to make one of the most important decisions of her life.

Finished OUT ON THE SOUND (Adventures of Decky and Charlie) by R.E. Bradshaw and gave it 4 stars

If you like a good story with laughter, tears and suspense then this is the book for you. In her late thirties, Decky Bradshaw was set for life. She had an incredibly lucky life up to this point, excluding the brief marriage to her son's father. She had a ...great job, plenty of money and a very comfortable existence. Decky figured if someone ever came along that tickled her fancy she'd know. She never thought for one second it would be a woman. Neither did her mother. Follow Decky as she finds new love and deals with her, "Tennessee Williams in drag," overly dramatic, southern mother, Lizzie, and the hurricane of events she brings.

Finished THE GIRL BACK HOME by R. E. BRADSHAW & gave it 4 stars. Lovely story, wonderful characters.

Sometimes what you spend your life looking for is waiting right at home where it’s been all along. Jamie Basnight, 42, an expensive, attractive, successful lawyer from Durham, is moving back to the place she grew up to become a country lawyer. The reason for this drastic change is the ending of her 16 year relationship with the stunningly beautiful, Mary Ann, due to Jamie's own mistakes. Starting over at this age was the last thing Jamie ever thought she would do, but here she was moving into the little cottage on the Intracoastal Waterway, on the outer banks of North Carolina. She came home to heal, with her best friend, Beth, there to help her put her life back together. With Mary Ann constantly on her mind, Jamie embraces the move as a fresh start. Surrounded by natural wonders, Jamie reconnects with the girl she used to be. Jamie also reconnects with friends she hasn’t seen in more than 20 years, including the woman she had her first real lesbian crush on, though she didn’t recognize it at the time. She knew now that she had loved the good-looking blonde and she had broken her teenage heart. Sandy, her crush, was married now with grandchildren, but she was still a knockout. Jamie finds herself drawn to Sandy, not knowing if it is a residual crush or real, and ignoring the fact that she is married. Jamie is also still hoping for a reconciliation with Mary Ann. What happens next is a wild ride of emotional ups and downs. In the end, coming back home changes Jamie’s life forever.

Finished Sweet Carolina Girls by R. E. Bradshaw & gave it 4 stars. Sweet, funny, total entertainment

Harper Lee Lynch, only 23 years-old and a doctorial candidate, finds herself in Chapel Hill, North Carolina alone, with only her Golden Retriever, Jasper, to keep her company. Shortly after moving into her new home, Harper chooses to stop at the Tarr Bar,... a local eatery. That moment changes Harper's life forever. Follow her journey, making new friends and finding the happiness she has yearned for, since the tragedy that launched her on this path. Fall in love with this group of ten women, as they laugh, cry and fight their way through emotional rollercoasters, set in motion by Harper's arrival. This mixture of gay and straight women in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, makes for an interesting dynamic and an endless supply of storylines. The characters range, in ages, from 23 to 69 and are the kind of friends you hope you have, when push comes to shove. Harper finds out just what kind of friends she's found, when she gets pushed into a relationship by the forces of nature, neither she nor the beautiful Lauren can stop.

Finished Finding Polaris by Cynthia Tyler and gave it 4 stars. Interesting reading.

Christine Cameron is at a crossroads. Again. She has survived the murder of her lover and found new romance. She has won the challenge of a hostile takeover of her company and made it thrive. Now all she has to do is repeat the process all over again. But ...this time her life will hang in the balance. Evidence suggests her girlfriend is cheating. At work, an evil power monger is trying to cut Chris out of power. Chris decides, after nearly dying on a hiking trip in the Mojave Desert, that she needs to hone her survival skills and reflect on her relationship. And she wants to do it in the company of an exciting new woman she meets while recovering from her accident. Little does she know the secrets that will be uncovered in a modern day ghost town and the danger that waits as she seeks a compass for her life. Finding Polaris is about adventure, love, integrity and survival. Borrowing from recent history, the novel is set in the rugged desert bordering Joshua Tree National Park and is loosely based on events that happened to the one time flourishing town of Eagle Mountain, now an abandoned monument to the ambition of a pioneer in the art of corporate profiteering.

Finished Infinite Loop by Meghan O'Brien & gave it 4 stars. Awesome read! Laughter, tears & romance.

Regan O’Riley has just about given up hope that she will ever find a woman into shy, geeky programmers. She yearns for a connection, but can't seem to make the first move. Mel Raines knows all about making moves. After a childhood under the thumb of... her alcoholic father, she avoids intimacy by drowning herself in fiery, fleeting encounters with strangers. When Regan and Mel meet in a straight bar, of all places, their chemistry is unmistakable. Before they can begin to explore their new relationship, Mel’s world is rocked when a close friend is a victim in a shooting. Regan suggests they take a road trip to escape reality for a little while, and Mel is only too ready to shake things up. Together they embark upon a physical and emotional journey where they discover that breaking free of old habits may be the only way to change your life.

Finished Thirteen Hours by Meghan O'Brien & gave it 4 stars. Fun, tender & wonderful read.

Can you fall in love in thirteen hours? It's her birthday but lonely workaholic Dana Watts is at the office late, drafting a proposal. The very last interruption she expects comes in the form of the most beautiful breasts she has ever seen. These belong to... an incredibly hot woman, who is standing in front of her, stripping to music. Laurel Stanley performs strip-o-grams to pay her way through school. She has never encountered a more ungrateful recipient than Dana. The uptight project manager makes it clear that she is furious to be distracted from her work by the "gift" a colleague sent and equally appalled by Laurel's occupation. After Dana is rude and insulting, and insists on escorting Laurel from the building, the two women take an elevator ride that changes everything. Stuck with each other for thirteen long hours after the elevator breaks down, they discover how wrong first impressions can be and how right two strangers can feel together. Can everything change in less than a day? Dana and Laurel set out to discover if their passionate elevator encounter can mean more in this fast-paced, erotic story of lust, loneliness, fantasy, and desire.

Finished Battle Scars by Meghan O'Brien and gave it 5 stars. Awesome characters & a wonderful story.

Returning Iraq war veteran Ray McKenna struggles with battle scars that can only be healed by love. Ray McKenna returns from the war in Iraq to find that she has attained unwanted celebrity status back home. As the only surviving American soldier of a well-publicized hostage crisis, she is the center of attention at a time when all she wants is solitude.

Finished Love's Tender Warriors by Radclyffe & gave it 4 stars. Excellent story. Awesome characters.

Drew Clark, ex-Marine and martial arts master, is the new instructor at the Golden Tiger dojang. Intense and aloof, she hides dark secrets and unhealed wounds beneath her warrior's exterior. Sean Gray is the young psychologist and senior student who threatens to bring down the barriers Drew has erected around her heart. Battle hardened and world weary, Drew discovers that Sean wields a weapon she has no defense against--tenderness. Together, two women who have accepted loneliness as a way of life learn that love is worth fighting for--and a battle that neither can afford to lose.

Finished Butch Girls Can Fix Anything by Paula Offutt and gave it 4 stars. Excellent read!!

**Recipient of a 2008 award from the Golden Crown Literary Society, the premier organization for the support and nourishment of quality lesbian literature. Butch Girls Can Fix Anything won in the category of Lesbian Debut Author.**Kelly Walker is known aro...und town as the Fix-it Lady who can repair just about anything. That's true, except for the hole in her life left by the death of her lover, Anna. Her fix-it business provides the perfect hideout as she resolves other people's problems instead of focusing on her own shattered life. Grace Owens, single mother, is determined to stand on her own two feet and make a fresh start for herself and her nine-year-old daughter, Lucy. Lucy has a goal of her own: she wants to master her math homework, and that is a hard task with a mother who doesn't understand division. The three meet under a leaky kitchen ceiling. What each has to give, the others need. They must learn when to take risks and when to trust each other. Together, can they find the tools that will allow them to fix what most needs to be rebuilt?

Finished Awakening to Sunlight by Lindsey Stone and gave it 4 stars. lovely story awesome characters

To embrace the future is to find the courage to accept the past. Judith Hilford flees from a ten-year-long emotionally abusive relationship and accepts temporary lodging arranged by a friend until she can set her life on a new course. Lizzy Mayfield, an independent filmmaker who lost her lover three years ago, comes home from a business trip to find Judith and her child unexpectedly living in her apartment. Lizzy wants nothing more than to be left alone, but as Judith has nowhere else to go, Lizzy allows her to stay. While Judith struggles to create a new life for her daughter and herself, Lizzy is confronted with the vibrancy their presence brings to her emotionally barren existence. As Lizzy and Judith gradually become involved in each other’s lives, they are both forced to confront the ghosts of their pasts. Set in the center of Amsterdam, Awakening to Sunlight is a tender love story about two women brought together by fate who, while struggling to come to terms with the painful realities of their lives, discover a future they never dared dream.

Finished Always Faithful by Isabella & gave it 4 stars. Great characters, great story, rushed ending

Major Nichol "Nic" Caldwell is the only survivor of her helicopter crash in Iraq. She is left alone to wonder why she and she alone. Survivor's guilt has nothing on the young Major as she is forced to deal with the scars, both physical and mental, left fro...m her ordeal overseas. Before the accident, she couldn't think of doing anything else in her life. In fact, she even had sacrificed love for service, but now she questions the very ideals she once believed in. Was it worth it? Sent Stateside to recover, she finds herself at the Marine Corps base in California where her new job is to inform families of a loved one's death. One of the "informs" will change her life forever. Claire Monroe is your average military wife, with a loving husband and a little girl. She is used to the time apart from her husband. In fact, it was one of the reasons she married him. Then, one day, her life is turned upside down when she gets a visit from the Marine Corps. She finds herself losing a husband but awakening a long-gone side of herself she never thought she would see again. Is she being disrespectful to the memory of her recently dead husband or is she finally being true to who she really is? Can these two women come to terms with the past and finally find happiness, or will their shared sense of honor keep them apart?

Finished The Heat is On by Elle Kennedy and gave it 4 stars

It’s all about the thrill... Out of Uniform, Book 6As a Navy SEAL, Matt O’Connor specializes in Bad Boy. At least, that’s what he thinks…until he finds himself face down on the floor during a bank robbery, arguing with a sexy, blonde who wields her sharp tongue with surgical precision. Just like that, Matt begins to wonder if maybe the idea of settling down with one woman isn’t as crazy as he thought. Savannah Harte is addicted to first kisses and whirlwind romances. Once the thrill is gone, though, she’s outta there. She’s eager to follow the adrenaline rush she feels with Matt into the nearest bed, but when tangled sheets begin to feel like tangled heartstrings, her first instinct is to cut him loose. There’s only one problem: Matt’s not going anywhere. And not even a steamy threesome seems to dull her growing feelings. Which leaves Savannah having to decide what she wants more. The casual thrill of now…or the scary thrill of forever. Warning: This title features a hot threesome with explicit sex, a bad-girl heroine, and two Navy SEALs guaranteed to make you sweat.

Finished Some Lessons Still to Learn by Erin Gordon and gave it 3 stars

Product Description: Police officer Cassandra O'Rourke is still searching for the Internet Stalker; but now, she's also deeply involved with Brandon Williamson. Can their love survive the secrets she's afraid to tell him? Join Cassie and Brandon again as the...y work to solve the case--and to keep their relationship alive! Book Two in the LESSONS Trilogy. Review: Erin Gordon welcomes you back to the world of erotic pleasure found in the world of domination and submission with her trilogy of books Lessons to Love: Book 2 - Some Lessons Still to Learn. Cassandra O Rourke doesn't know anything about the world she is finds herself enmeshed in, but she may find out a lot more than she wants to when she acts out when Brandon Williamson, her Master and Dom takes her away for a weekend of rest and relaxation. He also hopes to introduce her to some of the people who have become friends through the chat room, at the yearly gathering at his secret hideaway. Brandon also senses something within Cassie which is bothering him, nagging at him below the surface. He senses her submissive side is in turmoil, and she doesn t want to recognize it, or doesn't understand herself what is wrong. He is still determined to conquer her stubborn nature, to break the insecurity without breaking her spirit, and to continue on with his program, to teach, to bend to his will, caress with his flogger, and bind to his heart, his soul as well as his bed. Lessons to Love: Book 2 - Some Lessons Still to Learn is a masterfully written erotic tale that will sweep you away into a world of dark fantasies. Brandon, a Master of his art, knows her bounds, knows her more intimately, where pain and pleasure collide, the knowledge that with Cassie, his perfect woman, he can find his own dreams fulfilled, and his darkest fantasies are reality. Cassie s trip into the world Brandon inhabits is now very personal, very frightening. She doesn’t know what she wants, she only knows that to be a permanent part of this place is admitting her submissive nature, and to her it is shameful. Her brash acts finally get her into some real trouble, and her continued denial causes Brandon to react forcefully, causing her to think twice about her life, her fears, and her attitudes. Brandon has shown her a side of herself she is not familiar with, a side himself she doesn't want to see again, and a side that can expose her innermost secrets. She is uncomfortable with this discovery, but in Lessons to Love: Book 2 - Some Lessons Still to Learn, she has to decide which is more important, keeping her personal issues and insecurities or allowing herself to love and be loved. If you want a well written and definitely hot erotic romance that skirts the bounds of the dark side of love, then Lessons to Love: Book 2 - Some Lessons Still to Learn by Erin Gordon, from Shadowrose Publishing is another book you can’t possibly miss. --Romance at Heat Magazine: Reviewer RoseFive Roses from MYBOOKCRAVINGS. This is a great sequel to one of the best books I have read. It has it all, made me want to know more about the lifestyle for sure. This author writes a story that you can feel yourself in the story or wish you were. If you haven't read this one or the first in this wonderful Story, go and buy them today." Nicole, Reviewer Nicole, Reviewer

Finished Lessons To Love (Series) by Erin Gordon & gave it 3 stars. Interesting story.

Police officer Cassandra O'Rourke is working on a case searching the Internet for a sadistic psychopath that is murdering women he meets in chat rooms. One morning, while browsing the chats, she runs across Brandon Williamson. First, she wonders if he's he...r perpetrator. Then, she wonders if he's the man of her dreams! Join Brandon and Cassie as he teaches her about the world of Domination and submission--and the Lessons to Love. Book ONE in the LESSONS Trilogy.

Finished Lover Unleashed: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and gave it 5 stars

#1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward's thrilling new novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her brother. Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin,... she finally frees herself-only to face a devastating injury. Manuel Manello, M.D., is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can-but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet, their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separates them?

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