Sunday, July 31, 2011

New post --- sheesh!

Wow, this is terrible.  I've been so busy with reading, working and minor health issues that I haven't posted in ages!  As I said I have been reading ... quite a bit actually!  Just in July I've read:

Finished Public Displays of Affection by Susan Donovan & gave 4 stars. Exciting, fun, enjoyable read

Charlotte Tasker has always been a good girl, so she married the most decent, reliable man she could find even though their love life was a bit on the predictable side. Thirteen years later, she's a widowed mom who runs her company, prepares three vegetarian meals a day for her children, and volunteers for just about every good deed in town. But no one knows that Charlotte has a secret weakness for squirt cheese, erotic poetry-and the mystery man she lost her virginity to in a reckless roadside tryst, moments before she got engaged. They never exchanged names, and even now, Charlotte can't stop fantasizing about that spectacular stranger...DEA agent Joe Bellacera isn't crazy about having to ………

Finished High Dive by Cynthia Tyler & gave it 4 stars. Fascinating story with wonderful characters.

What would you do if you lost a high-paying job, your lover, your home, and even your tricked-out status ride all at once? That's exactly what happens to 29-year-old Sara Wing, player in the subprime mortgage lending industry, whose life is turned inside out in the space of forty-eight hours when the Southern California housing bubble bursts and she goes from a power position to pool cleaner. Along the way Sara meets and is challenged by a cast of characters from Los Angeles' diverse community of haves and have-nots. Her experiences capture the invisible, ever-shifting boundary between hope and despair. Peppered with memorable personalities--gay street artists Ritchie and Henry, ill-tempered ……..

Finished Something To Be Thankful For by Carrie Carr & gave it 4 stars. Wonderful, amazing story.

Randi Meyers is at a crossroads in her life. She’s got no girlfriend, bad knees, and her fill of loneliness. The one thing she does have in her favor is a veterinarian job in Fort Worth, Texas, but even that isn’t going as well as she hoped. ...Her supervisor is cold-hearted and dumps long hours of work on her. Even if she did want a girlfriend, she has little time to look. When a distant uncle dies, Randi returns to her hometown of Woodbridge, Texas, to attend the funeral. During the graveside services, she wanders away from the crowd and is beseeched by a young boy to follow him into the woods to help his injured sister. After coming upon an unconscious woman, the boy disappears ……..

finished The Music of the Night by Amanda Ashley & gave 4 stars. Interesting, enjoyable & fun read.

Cristie Matthews is obsessed with all things related to The Phantom of the Opera. On her once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, she visits the Palais Garnier to see the play. After the performance, she hides, remaining in the empty building to absorb the history and relive the haunting story once again. Then she sees HIM! But how can that be? He is a myth, a legend. Or is he? Previously published in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance (2009)

finished Deeper than the Night by Amanda Ashley & gave it 4 stars. What a fun, enjoyable read!

There’s something otherworldly about Alexander Claybourne. With his dark, arresting features and mesmerizing eyes, the seductive stranger looks every inch a vampire. Kara Crawford laughed at local talk of creatures lurking in the dark. She never imagined Alex was one.

finished Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr & gave it 4 stars. Excellent story, wonderful characters.

With her beloved younger siblings settled and happy, Erin Foley has empty nest syndrome. At age thirty-five. So she's hitting the pause button on her life and holing up in a secluded (but totally upgraded--she's not into roughing it) cabin near Virgin River.... Erin is planning on getting to know herself...not the shaggy-haired mountain man she meets. In fact, beneath his faded fatigues and bushy beard, Aiden Riordan is a doctor, recharging for a summer after leaving the navy. He's intrigued by the pretty, slightly snooty refugee from the rat race--her meditating and journaling are definitely keeping him at arm's length. He'd love to get closer... if his scruffy exterior and crazy ex-wife don't …..

finished Wild Man Creek by Robyn Carr gave it 4 stars. Absolutely awesome! Can't wait to read more!

Colin Riordan came to Virgin River to recuperate from a horrific helicopter crash, the scars of which he bears inside and out. His family is wonderfully supportive, but it's his art that truly soothes his troubled soul. Stung personally and professionally b...y an ill-advised affair, PR guru Jillian Matlock has rented an old Victorian with a promising garden in Virgin River. She's looking forward to cultivating something other than a corporate brand. Both are looking to simplify, not complicate, their lives, but when Jillian finds Colin at his easel in her yard, there's an instant connection. And in Virgin River, sometimes love is the simplest choice of all.

finished Hush by Jo Leigh & gave it 3 stars. Good story & characters but didn't click till the end.

A hotel for first-class sex? That's the buzz in Manhattan on Piper Devon's new upstart boutique hotel, Hush. From romantic silky naughty toys and videos in every room, the place positively oozes sex. And that's sending a deep shudder ...through the stodgy Devon hotel empire. Devon family attorney Trace Winslow has checked in to check out Hush. He has to put a stop now to wild Piper and her sexy antics. Why, she makes Paris Hilton look positively tame! Except before long Trace is making full use of the, uh, amenities with gorgeous Piper. But are the two of them ready to hang a "do not disturb" sign on their suite--for life?

finished The Target by Gerri Hill and gave it 4 stars. Awesome story, fantastic characters.

Sara Michaels is the daughter of a prominent senator who has just announced his candidacy for President of the United States--the same senator who has been receiving death threats against his family. Sara Michaels is also the owner of a self-help clinic an...d is hell-bent--despite the FBI's warnings--on leading a group of ten women on a two-week sojourn through the Rocky Mountains. In an effort to protect Sara, the FBI recruits homicide detective Jaime Hutchinson to infiltrate the group and secretly provide the protection they are so certain Sara will need. After some clever maneuvering, Jaime finds herself welcomed by the ten conservative women--who soon begin playing matchmaker with Sara and …….

finished Emily's Art and Soul by Joy Argento and gave it 4 stars. A lovely read & great characters.

Emily's life "to do" list never included her mentally challenged sister moving in with her. Then again, getting a divorce or moving to a different town for a new teaching job wasn't on her list either. But a lot of things change when your mother dies. Some...times unexpected changes can bring new self revelations and unexpected turns. Emily's best friend, Andi stands patiently by as Emily discovers her new found sexuality and sets out to explore the world of loving women. But will Emily see what's right in front of her before it's too late? 

finished Like Lovers Do by Lori L. Lake & gave it 4 stars. Beautiful story, awesome characters!

A romance from Lori L. Lake, winner of the Ann Bannon Award Kennie McClain is a security guard who, unbeknownst to her tenants, owns the Allen Arms where she works. She’s still recovering from the loss of her partner three years earlier and has moved... from upstate New York to Portland to escape the tragedy. In her off hours, she rehabs apartments and nurses a broken heart. Lily Gordon, a nationally-acclaimed painter, lives in the Allen Arms penthouse. She’s beautiful and accomplished – and haunted after her lover ditches her. Sparks fly in a big way when Kennie and Lily finally connect . . . but then in one shattering moment, Lily betrays her, and Kennie’s world come ……

finished Just Good Friends? by Jane Reynolds & gave 3 stars. A fun read but kind of jumbled, choppy.

Beautiful, popular and with a husband at the very top of the corporate ladder, Eleanor Geddes has it all, but behind closed doors she’s a remote and deeply insecure woman with a secret fear which is about to be realized, as her husband is busy making plans which are set to blow her perfect life apart. Eleanor’s friend Ruth Palmer doesn’t know it yet, but she’s got a problem too. Her marriage feels stale and her husband’s working long hours at the office … or is he? But Ruth’s got bigger problems. A drunken kiss with her good friend Helen sets Ruth's life on a downward spiral of sexual frustration, denial and guilt. She turns to drink in a ………

finished Making Her Nights (Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas) by Keri Ford and gave it 4 stars

He never loses control. She always tests the rules. Chief Deputy Mike Gabel is the man in charge in Apple Trail. No one gives him more trouble than a certain blonde. While her stunts are frustrating enough to deal with, it’s the constant way she keeps... him trapped in knots that sends him over the edge. Tiffany McBride has a reputation for act now, think…never. She’s been betting and causing trouble since her parents died when she was a teenager. What looks like a young woman sewing her wild oats, is actually desperate measures to gamble for extra money to put food on the table. When these two acknowledge their attraction, sparks fly…that is if Mike’s public …….

finished Forty Love by Diana Simmonds and gave it 4 stars. A very enjoyable read.

American tennis champ Julia Ross is at the top of her game and the top of the world. With corporate sponsors and adoring women falling at her feet, the gloriously talented athlete believes she is living a dream. And she is - until a career threatening injury wakes her to the harsh reality that fans are notoriously fickle and fair-weather friends (and lovers) are a dime a dozen. Australian painter Eliot Bancroft is wealthy enough to lead a very comfortable life, and her active lifestyle keeps her beautiful body tanned and toned. But for what? Trapped in a loveless marriage, Eliot has wrapped her life around her beloved seven-year-old daughter, ignoring her own inner feelings - and desires.

finished Dawn of Change by Gerri Hill and gave it 4 stars. Wonderful story!

Dawn of Change

Susan Sterling wanted nothing more than to escape her life... and her marriage. The family's secluded cabin in Kings Canyon National Park seemed the only place for her to find peace. But it took Shawn Weber coming into her life for her to find the courage to make changes. The budding friendship between the two women strengthens into an intense emotional bond, a bond that soon eclipses friendship. Despite pressure from her family to reconcile with her husband, Susan can't deny the feelings that Shawn stirs in her. Susan finds she's willing to forsake her entire family for a chance at love with Shawn.

finished Behind the Pine Curtain by Gerri Hill & gave it 4 stars. Wonderful story & characters.

Jacqueline Keys was ostracized from her small hometown of Pine Springs, Texas when she was seventeen, sent away because she was gay. Her family was the largest employer in the county, owning Pine Springs Lumber, and her father was mayor of this small town.... Her mother could not accept the fact that her only child was gay, could not tolerate the gossip about her family. So, with a hundred dollars in her pocket and a one-way bus ticket out of town, Jacqueline was told not to come back until she had come to her senses. And that included being prepared to marry the son of a business associate of the family. Fifteen years later—long after she’d hitch-hiked to Los Angeles, long after ……

finished Returning Tides (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe and gave it 4 stars. Awesome story...

A devastating hurricane brings insurance investigator Ashley Walker back to Provincetown, the last place she wants to be. Not only must she deal with the dangerous consequences of the natural disaster, she has to fight her soul-shattering need for the woman she left behind. While Reese Conlon and Tory King deal with the challenges of a community in turmoil, a new threat emerges that proves to be even more deadly than the ravaging storm. A silent killer stalks the night, drawing ever closer to the one woman he believes to be his. Soon, no woman is safe, including Tory. The sixth in the Lambda Literary Award-winning Provincetown Tales. 

finished Winds of Fortune (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe & gave 4 stars. I love this series!

The fifth in the saga of the Provincetown Tales. The winds of fortune are fickle guides…and happiness or heartbreak may be the destination. For Provincetown local Deo Camara, the only winds that have ever blown her way have been cold and lonely, and... she doesn't expect things to improve when she is drawn into a family crisis against her will. Despite a decade of estrangement, however, Deo can't turn her back on the call of blood, no matter how high the price in heartache. Dr. Bonita Burgoyne is pleased with the changes she's made in her life…she has a rewarding new job and is looking forward to renovating the historic sea captain's house she has just purchased. She's content, an ……

finished Storms of Change (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe and gave it 4 stars. Amazing story!!!

Amidst war abroad and upheaval at home, Reese Conlon and Tory King face their gravest challenge to their life together. Can love and passion survive the unforgiving storms of change? In the continuing saga of the Provincetown Tales, Reese Conlon’s obligations to family and country are put to the test as war engulfs the Middle East, while her partner Tory King must chose between her career and motherhood when her family is disrupted. While friends and family struggle with the fears and uncertainties of a world in strife, the small seaside town is rocked by a series of crimes that suggest newly arrived real estate entrepreneur, Ricarda Grechi, may have connections to more than just the ……

finished Distant Shores, Silent Thunder (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe & gave 4 stars. Awesome!

No matter how much we plan, life—and people—have a way of surprising us. For Doctor KT O’Bannon, a near-fatal tragedy derails a career and disrupts everything she thought she knew about herself and her future. Battered and nearly broke...n, she turns for solace to the one woman who knows her best, her ex-lover Doctor Tory King. Their unexpected reunion in Provincetown uncovers old wounds, forges new bonds, and awakens long-buried passions. While Tory’s lover Sheriff Reese Conlon struggles to uncover a deadly drug ring and Officer Bri Parker navigates the torturous path between friendship and desire, Tory and KT—and those who love them—are forced to ……

Finished Beyond the Breakwater (Provincetown Tales) by Radclyffe & gave 4 stars. Awesome story!!

In Beyond the Breakwater, the sequel to Safe Harbor, Sheriff Reese Conlon and Doctor Tory King face the challenges of personal change as they define their lives and future together. Dr. Tory King’s pregnancy forces her to examine her personal needs ...and goals while her partner, Sheriff Reese Conlon, struggles with her escalating anxieties over conditions she cannot control. Twenty-year-old Brianna Parker makes a sacrifice for love that threatens not just her happiness, but her life, when she returns home as the newest member of the Sheriff's department. A life-threatening accident, a suspicious fire, and the appearance of more than one woman vying for Bri’s attentions make one ……

Finished Trauma Alert by Radclyffe & gave 4 stars. Excellent story, great characters. Fantastic read

When you spend your life battling death, who has time for love? Dr. Ali Torveau knows just how fragile life can be—she sees death and tragedy every day in the trauma unit. Battling the dark forces of fate is her life’s work and she doesn’t want or need anything else, certainly nothing as transient as love. Plenty of women try to change her mind, but she never has any trouble saying no. Not until the day firefighter Beau Cross shows up in her ER and sets Ali’s carefully ordered world aflame. A First Responders Novel

Finished Her name is Drew by Elly Cares & gave 3 stars. Wonderfully fun read but spelling was horrid

A romance-comedy about a young woman who finds herself being pursued by a charming socialite, retired from the game which has earned her the reputation as being one of the biggest lovers of Europe. Poor Mally, who until this morning, was having a moderately sane life, but has now fallen into the hands of chaos. Now, she has to fend off the female race (who thinks this is absolutely romantic), Drew (who thinks she's her soul-mate), and her boyfriend (who could have sworn she was straight). To make matters worse, Mally could have sworn she was straight, too. But how can she resist? The woman speaks French! Insane friends following insane boyfriends, following love-crazed lesbians…
Finished Unforgettable by Karin Kallmaker & gave it 4 stars. Excellent story! Fantastic read.
Is true love hidden in the moments we can't stop remembering... or in those we chose to forget? There is nothing like a high school reunion to bring the old times flooding back... Old Passions... Handsome singer Loretta "Rett" Jamison has built herself a successful career and a repertoire filled with romantic ballads and hot jazz. But her failing relationship with lover/manager Trisha York has left a growing emptiness in her heart. Trisha seems to have found what she needs in the arms of younger omen. Can Rett find it on the lips of the classmate who gave her the first real taste of passion? Old Secrets... Former Head Cheerleader Cinny Keilor is an All-American girl...
Finished Girl Meets Girl by Susan X. Meagher & gave 3 stars. Some good stories but most a bit spare.
Girl Meets Girl is a collection of short stories from Susan X Meagher. Susan has created a short story book with seven of her favorite - never before published - scintillating short stories. Waiting for a plane, dashing home in the rain. You never know who...m you'll meet in an otherwise routine day. Ordinary encounters can turn into extraordinary experiences if the chemistry is right. Chemistry is at the heart of each of these short and not-so-short tales. Whether they are complete strangers or long-term lovers, when these couples get together, the sparks fly. Each story explores the sexual vibe, but not at the expense of knowing who these couples are. Sex is the language, and the characters …..

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