Saturday, August 27, 2011

Angels and Manners by Cynn Chadwick

I finished Angels and Manners by Cynn Chadwick and gave it 4 stars.  This was a very good read.  Two women from very different backgrounds and with very different outlooks on life fight to provide for their children and themselves in Section 8 housing following divorces that tore their entire lives out from under them.  Carrie Angel thought she'd be in and out of Section 8 in as little time as possible.  Several years later she's still there and fighting to get her Master Carpenter's license.  Jen Manners has never had to do for herself and suddenly finds herself without a house, without a job and with no idea what to do next.  A chance encounter in Social Services with Carrie helps her get her feet under her again.  Two very unlikely friends who manage to help each other get what they both want and need.  A new beginning.  Excellent characters, well developed story  make this a compelling read.

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