Wednesday, August 10, 2011

By The Howling (Charlotte Diamond Mysteries) by Olivia Stowe

Finished reading By the Howling by Olivia Stowe.  It was a fun, interesting read but I found it too short, and devoid of details that would have made it a much better read.  The characters were interesting but too much was left out to really pull them into focus.  Charlotte & Brenda, and even Brenda left so much in question, came in nicely but the others were too threadbare to really make an impression.  I kept having to try and remember who was who and it was rather annoying. 

As I said the story was good but not really fleshed out enough.  The characters were too thin, very little back ground and what there was wasn't enough to really make them real. 

I also have the 2nd & 3rd book of the series (at $2.99 & $0.99 they're hard to resist) and I hope it gets better and adds a bit more detail as it goes on. 

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