Saturday, August 27, 2011

Falling for Grace by Maddie James

I finished Falling for Grace by Maddie James and gave it 4 stars. This was a fun read.  Grace has spent the last 10 years building up her store, Romantically Yours. She has a wonderful group of friends but she's still alone and not really looking to end that any time soon.  She'd loved once and life took a twist that shattered her dreams, both for the love she had so unexpectedly found and the ballet she had spent her entire life working for.  She ran away from her previous world and now she's very content with the new life she's built. She needs some extra money coming in and someone has just shown some interest in the other half of her building.  Carson Price is a man in need of a change.  With his 6 yr old daughter Izzie he's ready to give up his law practice that keeps him away from his daughter and start new.  He stumbled across Graces' building and it's exactly what he needs to start fresh.  What he doesn't need is a beautiful landlady who captures Izzie's heart and makes him begin to feel again when that is the last thing he wants to do.  Where Grace ran from her life, Carter is running to a new life.  When their paths cross nothing seems to work the way they expect.  Will Grace run again or will Izzie manage to break the ice surround the heart she's kept walled up for over 10 years.  Can Carson open his heart again or will his past experience sour him against what both he and Izzie need most. 
This is a wonderful story, funny and tender and it keeps you going right from the start.

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