Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love's Abiding Spirit by Syd Parker

Sunday I finished Love's Abiding Spirit by Syd Parker.  This was a very lovely book.  An excellent story with a bit of history thrown in and fantastic characters.  Soren Lockheart lost her child when her love and the mother of little Olivia decides she doesn't want her daughter to be brought up in a lesbian relationship.  Devastated and denied even the small comfort of seeing their daughter she loses all drive and hasn't touched her guitar or written a song in the two years since their divorce.  Her agent invites her to spend time with her in her vacation home in Georgia.  In a crazy move Soren puts a bid in on an old Georgia house and packs her bags moving away from all her pain and trying start fresh.  The house definitely needs some TLC and the contractor that shows up at her door stirs emotions that Soren had long thought buried too deep to see daylight ever again.  Merritt Tanner has her own demons to live with and yet she cannot deny the attraction she feels the moment she sets eyes on Soren.  To top it off Soren feels she's not alone in the house.  The spirit of the original owner's daughter is still there and pushing Soren to dig deeper into the history of both the house and the young woman who lived there. 

This is a wonderful story and I gave it 4 stars.  Excellent characters and a great feel for their lives, their emotions and their heartbreak makes this a great read.

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