Friday, August 5, 2011

Midnight Embrace by Amanda Ashley

I finished Midnight Embrace by Amanda Ashley on the 1st of August.  I was a fun read but was very slow to start for me.  I was about 1/3 the way in before it actually grabbed my attention.  The characters were good, the story interesting & I gave it 4 stars. Normally her books grab my interest right from the start but this one just seemed to start out slow.  There was enough there to keep me reading but there wasn't anything at the start to make me "want" to get back to it once I put it down. Now this could just have been me.  This was a period piece and that is an unusual read for me.  Normally the characters grab me and drag me in making me want to know more right from the start.  This one took more time for the characters to develop enough to make them interesting enough for me to really want to know more about them. 
It turned into a very nice read and I did enjoy it very much.  I'm glad I kept going.
ANALISA...He whispers her name, and it echoes back to him on the wings of the night. She is so young, so alive. She radiates warmth and goodness, chasing the coldness from his being, banishing the loneliness from his soul. In four centuries of prowling, th...e shadows have brought him few pleasures, but the nearness of her soft lips, her warm throat, promise sweetness beyond imagining. She has wandered unchaperoned to the moonlit tomb where he takes refuge by day, little suspecting that with his eyes alone he can mesmerize her, compel her to do his bidding. Yet he will not take her life's blood by force or trickery. He will have it as a gift, freely given, and in exchange, he will make her wild .... see more at

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