Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paradise by Kate Sweeney

I finished Paradise by Kate Sweeney and I gave it 4 stars. It was an excellent read. It captured my attention from the beginning and it kept drawing me in deeper as I went along.  The characters were few, the detail was excellent and each one pulled you further into the tale. 

Paradise is a story of "What if ..."  Began in the early 1950's it takes the discovery of DNA and uses it to ask "What if ... they tried to create a superior person based on DNA splicing, isolation and deep training."  There are many twists and turns to this story and of course the government is involved.  The best laid plans always manage to backfire on those trying to control them. 

This is the story of Graham Sheridan & Genevieve Gastineau.  Two very different women who fulfill a need in each other that transcends logic. 

Calm and lonely intellectual Graham Sheridan lives alone at the top of a mountain seemingly content to live her life in isolation. 

Genevieve Gastineau is fiery red-head, reporting for a small town paper and living a somewhat frustrated life with an in-and-out,  self-centered girl friend.  She gets a tip about a woman living alone at the top of a mountain for the past 20 years and sees a chance to re-start her reporting career. 

What happens when these two get together is what makes this story so much fun to read.  I highly recommend this story.

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