Sunday, October 2, 2011

19 Sept 11

Heart of Gold

I finished Heart of Gold by Lacy Williams and gave it 4 stars. Very much fun. Very enjoyable read.
I've always enjoyed a good western.  Louis L'Amour, Max Brand, Zane Grey ... I like a good story and strong characters.  I can't say that enough.  I really like character driven stories.  This was definitely one of those. 

Wyoming, 1902--Ranch foreman Charlie Welch suspects his boss's daughter has returned home with purely selfish motives--she wants money.After being estranged from her father for years, Opal Bright hopes her homecoming will result in both reconciliation and a solution to help the orphanage she sponsors back home in Omaha.When Charlie and Opal find themselves mixed up with a ragtag group of bandits and trapped in an abandoned gold mine, they must risk everything to survive... including their hearts.

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