Sunday, October 2, 2011

Class Reunion by Linda Hill

16 Sept 11

Class Reunion

I finished Class Reunion by Linda Hill & gave it 4 stars. Wonderful, lovely & a very enjoyable read.
This is a great "what if" story.  What if the person you fell in love with years ago and broke your heart still wanted you after all these years?  What if the geek that everyone picked on back in high school turned out to be a beautiful & talented woman who harbored a silent crush on you all those years ago? What if all you had thought you wanted, all the dreams, the desires turned out to be exactly what you didn't want now.  What if letting go and moving on was the only way to find yourself and you true love?  I like stories like this.  Everyone always has 'what if' scenarios that drift through their heads from time to time.  This was a very well written story with full bodied characters that made you want to know ... what if?

Jennifer Moreland decided to attend her high school reunion in the hopes of freeing herself once and for all from the devastating power of past heartbreak. But when she comes face to face with her first lover, she is overcome by a rush of desire that threatens to ignite the dangerous flames of rekindled passion...Sheila Hoyt's reckless spirit and burning sensual need have always spelled trouble with a capital T. But her bedroom eyes still beckoned with the promises of past ecstasy and her lush body belied a history of cruel betrayal. She wanted Jennifer, the way she wanted her before. And Sheila always got what she wanted. Heather O'Brien has come a long way from her ugly duckling days when ... more at 

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