Sunday, October 2, 2011

Erotic Dance by Livia Dane

16 Sept 11
Erotic Dance (Indecent Affairs)

Erotic Dance (Indecent Affairs) by Livia Dane, Katie Knish et al. & gave it 4 stars. This was a very very short, sexy & fun read.  Just a short erotic story that was simply fun to read. This is one of several I've read so far about these five roommates and I have to say they were all fun reads.  Just a quick short story that is a nice break from longer, deeper & more involved stories.  If you like this kind of story its worth the $0.99 at Amazon.  Enjoy!

Take five girls, five sexual fantasies, one night of drinking, and you get the idea of a lifetime: a blind date where all bets—and clothes—are off.Aubrey is the second girl in the group to turn thirty. Which means it's time for her wicked roommates to set her up on that infamous white-hot dream date. Where all her dreams, unspoken or not, become reality in one night with the perfect man. And they have picked just the man for her: Calvin, the construction worker who had dared called Aubrey, a ballerina, clumsy. Even with that grave mistake, Aubrey won't deny the flicker--okay flame--of heat that arises when he touches her. She's out to prove that clumsy is the last thing she is.

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