Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghosts of Winter by Rebecca S. Buck

18 Sept 11

Ghosts of Winter

I finished Ghosts of Winter by Rebecca S. Buck & gave it 4 stars. This was an amazing, warm, & touching read.  I liked the way the stories of those who had owned Winter Manor before were woven into the current time story of Ros.  Having lost everything that meant anything to her, her love, her family, her job, Ros has just about reached the end of her rope.  Then she finds out she's inherited Winter Manor.  Suddenly she sees a way out. A change that could Turn her life around. She packs her belongings into the back of her old car and heads away to Winter Manor and a new start.  A start that changed her life in ways she's never dreamed of.

Can Ros Wynne, who has lost everything she thought defined her, find her true life—and her true love—surrounded by the lingering history of the once-grand Winter Manor? When Ros unexpectedly inherits Winter Manor on the condition that she oversee the restoration of the remote and dilapidated house, it seems the perfect place for her to retreat from her recently failed relationship, the death of her mother, and the loss of her job. But Winter Manor is not entirely at rest. The echoes of its past reach forward into the present, and Ros’s life is perceptibly shaped by the lives—and loves—of the people who inhabited those rooms and corridors in the centuries before.

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