Sunday, October 2, 2011

Indelible Heart by Marianne K Martin

4 September 2011 --

I finished The Indelible Heart by Marianne K. Martin and gave it 4 stars. An awesome, moving story.
This was an excellent story.  This is the sequel to Love In The Balance.  People deal with tragedy in many different ways.  Some take it and move on, not dwelling on things they can't change.  Others let it eat away at them, turning to drink, drugs or self-destruction.  This story shows how close friends each deal with the murder of dear friends & family.  Marianne Martin does a wonderful job of showing how every decision we make can affect everyone we come in contact with. This is a story of love, devotion and emotions. A healing of old wounds.

Twelve years ago, Charlie Crawford shot dead his two lesbian neighbors. Now he's terminally ill and requesting early release from prison. Back then, Sharon and her friends fought to bring him to justice. Now she has to find the strength to fight again.

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