Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tiger by the Tail: On the Prowl by Kaye Chambers

27 Sept 11

Tiger by the Tail: On the Prowl

Tiger by the Tail: On the Prowl by Kaye Chambers was a very enjoyable read and I gave it 4 stars. This was a short but very good story with very strong characters.  I'd like to read more on these characters.
From exile to queen-whom can she trust? An On the Prowl story. Alexandra "Sasha" DeStephano has long been exiled from her own kind, thanks to parents who had no wish for her to grow up in the "tiger mafia". Now that she’s been issued an engraved invitation to appear before the society elders, she finds herself plunged into a dangerous battle for power, urged on every side to give up her birthright to make room for a new regime. On every side, that is, except Colton Reyes, a rogue alpha. Cole plants the idea in her mind that, under the current leadership, the tiger society is headed down a one-way street to disaster. And she is their only hope. Spurred  on by a man who flips all her sexual switches, Sasha steps up to the plate-and finds herself promoted from Tiger Princess to Queen. The resulting consequences are far more than she ever imagined.

In this game of danger and intrigue, almost no one can be trusted. Cole’s best chance to protect her? Pretend to claim her as his mate.

Except pretending is the last thing on Sasha’s mind.

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