Sunday, October 2, 2011

West of Tularosa by Louis L'Amour

1 Oct 11
West of the Tularosa

West of the Tularosa by Louis L'Amour is a collection of short stories from the magazines he used to write for when starting out.  I gave it 4 stars and I truly enjoyed every story in this collection.  I recognized several shorter stories that he later developed in full books.  Louis L'Amour is a very unique writer in western stories.  Most of his work is based on real places and you can find almost every place he mentions in them on a map.  His characters are a combination of real people and made up characters that interact in real history.  He makes you feel as if you are there, right amidst the action and being based on true history in many ways you even feel a part of everything going on.  Truly awesome stories and characters larger than life.  I love his stories and I've bought every book I can find by him.

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