Monday, January 30, 2012

Waiting by Q. Kelly

I just finished re-reading Waiting by Q. Kelly.  This is an interesting book about the twists and turns of the lives of three women brought together by the bonds of love and family.  I read this earlier and I'm sure I've blogged about it then.  I came across it again this weekend while browsing through my Kindle and something clicked in my head and I called it up and began to scan the first few pages.  The characters immediately came back to me and I knew I had to read their story again.  This story has all the right elements.  Strong characters, heart break, laughter, love and desire and the driving need never to give up. 

I love books like this.  I love strong characters and great stories and I especially love those books that keep calling you back to them because there's just something there that makes the characters come alive and makes you want to walk the paths of their story over again.  I keep adding to my list of books like this.  It's what really makes reading so much fun for me. 



Caris Ismay, 30, is falling in love with a woman she dares not pursue, and at exactly the wrong time. Caris knew that life after having her baby would be different, especially since her wife did not love her anymore. But Caris never expected post-baby life to be this difficult. Dale, her wife of three years, is in a coma that turns into a vegetative state. Lena, Dale's 29-year-old daughter, is put in the awkward position of revealing Dale's secrets to Caris. Caris and Lena share a perfect, passionate kiss that they cannot stop thinking about. Plus, they can help each other in ways no one else can. They try to build a friendship, but their growing attraction gets in the way. Can Caris and Lena move past the taboo of their attraction and find their path together?

Whispers in the Dark (A KGI story) by Maya Banks

I finished Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks and gave it 4 stars. Awesome book & characters! I've read The Darkest Hour, Hidden Away and Whispers in the Dark. I just purchased No Place To Run which is the third book in the series and it is now on my TBR list.  I really like these characters. They are strong and very much the epic hero types.  The women are also strong and compliment the men they come to love.  The stories are gripping, exciting and drag you into the adventure and the lives of these extraordinary people.  This is an excellent series and I'm looking forward to Echoes of Dawn coming in July!  Here are the stories in order:

The KGI Series in order:
Book 1, The Darkest Hour, released on September 7, 2010.
Book 2, No Place to Run, released on December 7, 2010.
Book 3, Hidden Away, released on March 1, 2011.
Book 4, Whispers in the Dark, released on January 2012.
Coming Soon! Book 5, Echoes at Dawn, will release on July 3, 2012.
She came to him when he needed her the most. She came to him at his lowest point. The voice of an angel, a whisper in the dark. She's the only thing that gets Nathan Kelly through his captivity, the endless days of torture and the fear that he'll never return to his family. With her help, he's able to ...escape. But he isn't truly free, because now she's disappeared and he's left with an all-consuming emptiness as he struggles to pick up the pieces of his life. Did he imagine his angel? Or is she out there, needing his help as he'd once needed hers? Now he rushes to save her before it's too late.Shea has been on the run from people who will stop at nothing to exploit .... See More at!

Well worth the time to read!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Currently reading The Geek Job by Eve Langlais

I'm currently reading The Geek Job by Eve Langlais.  This has a bit of Vampires, Werewolves and other paranormal creatures.  The characters are kind of fun, interesting and I hope they get even more so as the book goes on.  I'm only 9% into it so far and I'm interested to see how it turns out.  I see a lot of potential and possibilities here.  Let's see how it lives up to its beginnings.

The Geek Job

Monday is coming and I'm looking forward to starting Lover Avenged by J. R. Ward in audio book on my drive in to work.  This one is in three parts, a little over 23 hours long. YES!  Good stories make my drive in enjoyable and is sure beats trying to find radio stations.  Much more enjoyable!

Lover Avenged: The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7

Audible Audio Edition, Unabridged $25.95 or Free with Audible 30-day free trial

Cassie's Choice by Tracey Michael

I finished Cassie's Choice by Tracey Michael & gave 3 stars. The story was good but much to short.  I felt the characters were thin and not very well developed.  In a longer version maybe it would have come across much better. The story left too much to much undeveloped.  There was too much back-story left unsaid. I enjoyed the story even began to like some of the characters but there just wasn't enough to really get involved.
Cassie's heart was broken when Alex left. Then Rose came along and made her laugh again. Just when Cassie was thinking she might be able to move on, Alex came back. Would Cassie choose the woman that broke her heart or take a chance on something special with Rose?

House on Sandstone by KG MacGregor

I finished The House on Sandstone by KG MacGregor the other day.  As with all the other books of her's that I've read it was an excellent read.  I loved the characters.  They were deep, fully developed and the family interactions were something I could relate to.  I really enjoy her writing and I can recommend her books to anyone who enjoys, love, drama & tears.
Twenty-five years ago, Carly Griffin left Leland, Kentucky – sure that it held nothing for her future. Now weary of living overseas for one consulting project after another, she’s glad to have two months back in Leland to relax with her aging parents. When she catches a glimpse of her high school friend J...ustine in the doorway of her elegant home, she is surprised by the warm, famiiar feelings stirred within. Justine Hall made different choices, returning to Leland after college to marry and raise two children. Now divorced, she walks a fine line between sanity and hell, struggling to reconcile the sexuality she can no longer deny with the expectations of motherhood and mores in  See More

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's Happening?

What's been happening since the beginning of the year?  My drive to and from work have been very enjoyable.  Over the past month I've listened to Cast in Moonlight & Cast in Shadow (The Chronicles of Elantra)  by Michelle Sagara.  This has been a very fascinating series so far.  The Characters, the story, the people and environs keeps you on your toes.  Following along, listening as the story unfolds has been a great way to spend the three hour round trip drive to and from work. I love how the people and the lands come to life.  The story of Kaylin and her quest to stop the killings of children is very gripping and fascinating.  There are 7 books in this series so far. I listened to the "prequel" Cast in Moonlight which is a free download from and that made me get the 1st book of the series, "Cast in Shadow." I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the series: Cast in Court Light, Cast in Secret, Cast in Fury, Cast in Silence, Cast in Chaos & Cast in Ruin. 

I'm now listening to Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J. R. Ward.  What can I say ... I love these books!! The characters are awesome and the stories are exciting and gripping and keep you wanting to know more about these awesome Vampire warriors and the Shellan's (mates/wives).  It's been years since I read "Lover Awakened."  This is actually the 3rd book in the series but it was the first I read and the story of Zhadist and Bella caught me up and has never let me go. It took me a while to be able to find the 1st book in the series, "Dark Lover," which is the story of Wrath, the blind King and his Shellan, Beth.  I can't say it enough, this is a fantastic series.  There are 10 books out now with the next book, "Lover Reborn," coming out March 27, 2012.  I can't wait!!  This is definitely one of those series of books that either you love or you don't.  There isn't a middle ground.  Next book I'm downloading from is going to be the 7th book in the series, "Lover Avenged."  I only have 2 hours left on "Lover Enshrined" and that will barely last me my morning half of the drive on Monday. 

I've also managed to re-read a number of the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.  I finished "Echoes of Honor" and just last night I finished "Ashes of Victory."  "War of Honor" is the next book in the series and I'm looking forward to that one again as well. 

I think my next Kindle book I will read is going to be "The House of Sandstone" by KG MacGregor.

The House on Sandstone

Here's what Amazon had on it:

Product Description

Twenty-five years ago, Carly Griffin left Leland, Kentucky – sure that it held nothing for her future. Now weary of living overseas for one consulting project after another, she’s glad to have two months back in Leland to relax with her aging parents.
When she catches a glimpse of her high school friend Justine in the doorway of her elegant home, she is surprised by the warm, familiar feelings stirred within.

Justine Hall made different choices, returning to Leland after college to marry and raise two children. Now divorced, she walks a fine line between sanity and hell, struggling to reconcile the sexuality she can no longer deny with the expectations of motherhood and mores in a small town.

After that I have a number of books on my TBR list:

An Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack) by Carrie Ann Ryan
Hailey's Coyote (Bear Canyon Shifters) by Dawn Smith
Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks
To Command and Collar (Masters of the Shadowlands) by Cherise Sinclair
Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound) by Jennifer Ashley

Just to name a few! 

Hope everyone is having a great year and I hope your reading list is getting longer by the day!

Keep Reading!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sapphic Surfer by K'Anne Meinel

finished Sapphic Surfer by K'Anne Meinel and gave it 3 stars. Interesting, less than expected, good. The characters were nice but the story seemed too short wtih not enough depth.  It was enjoyable and fun to read but much less that I expected.
Ashley is a Midwestern girl who is enjoying the life in Southern California. She learns to surf, a lifelong dream that wasn’t possible in Illinois. Now she meets professional surfer Willow Samuels who becomes a good friend to her. How good isn’t really apparent until she realizes there is a mutual attraction .... See more at

Strange Bedfellows by Q. Kelly

finished Strange Bedfellows by Q. Kelly and gave it 4 stars. Different, fascinating, very good read.  A bit confusing at first but it turned into an excellent read.  Well worth the time to read.
Second-place 2011 Rainbow Award winnerJudges' comments:*** I've read books that are so good that I just can't put them down until I finish them. I've also read books that have been very difficult to get through because they are terrible. This book was different. I wanted the story to go on forever and found myself ... Read more at Strange Bedfellows by Q. Kelly

Worth Dying For by Trin Denise

finished Worth Dying For by Trin Denise & gave it 4 stars. Intense, exciting, excellent story. Excellenbt characters.  This story kept me on the edge of my seat. Fantastic suspense.  A really great read.
Have you ever asked yourself, “Is this worth dying for?” FBI Special Agent Rheyna Sorento must answer that question when she gets the assignment of her life and how she answers, may very well put her in the ground. When three key government informants connected to the Massino crime family turn up dead ... see more at Worth Dying For by Trin Denise.

Lovestruck by KT Grant

finished Lovestruck by KT Grant and gave it 4 stars. Interesting, refreshing, different. Good read. I enjoyed the characters, the story.  It seemed a bit rushed in places but it was a great overall fun read.
CEO hotel mogul Barbara Jennings has three months to decide whether to close her Manhattan hotel or cut costs by firing some of her employees. She meets her much-younger employee, Jennifer Caffey and is instantly smitten. Now Barbara has another mission, and that is to seduce the innocent Jenny.Jenny is also attracted to the powerful and beautiful Barbara, but has never really had a steamy love affair with another woman. Unwittingly, she allows herself to be swept away by her passion for this older woman who may ruin her life.

Wildfire by Lynn James

finished Wildfire by Lynn James and gave it 4 stars. Wonderful characters and story! Great read.
I enjoyed these characters.  A realy enjoyable read.
Two women have a passionate interest in the same piece of land…Elaine Thomas has a sworn duty to protect National Forest Service land, especially from vicious and destructive poachers. About to soundly scold a thoughtless squatter for camping out in rapidly approaching winter conditions, she’s flummoxed when she’s the one who gets a lecture about tromping on precious seedlings from a woman as beautiful—and possibly forbidding—as the high country itself.Botanist Devon McKinney has permission to be camping in the protected area as part of her report on the area’s recovery from a toxic spill, but Ranger Elaine is not at all the ham-fisted voice of authority ....

Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Post for 2012! Scandal in the Wind by KT Grant

Scandal in the Wind

I finished Scandal in the Wind by KT Grant gave it 4 stars. Great characters. This was a very interesting and good story.  Set back in the late 1800's it is a story of two women with incredible strength and character.

Scandal in the Wind
Lily was the belle of Charleston, South Carolina high society until her husband, Beau, walked out on her after believing she’d been unfaithful to him. Lily has always been devoted to Beau, but she does have a secret…Charleston’s most popular brothel madam, Mrs. Rose Ware, lives her life on her own terms and answers to no one. ...  See More at

Last Reads for 2011

These are the last few new reads for 2011.  Looking forward to starting the New Year off right!

Mending Defects
finished Mending Defects by Lynn Galli gave it 4 stars. Fantastic as all her books I have enjoyed.  I have enjoyed all of Lynn Galli's books to date.  I find her characters very real and engrossing.  Her stories always manage to grab your attention and pull you into the lives of the charactes.  I definitely recommend her stories to everyone.

Mending Defects
Imagining Reality
Full Court Pressure
Wasted Heart
Uncommon Emotions
Blessed Twice

Mending Defects
Life in a small town can be tricky. Laid-back Glory Eiben learned long ago that keeping personal information and opinions to herself goes a long way toward staying hassle free in her chosen home town. Much adored by the residents, she’s maintained the life she’s always wanted with good friends, close family ...  See More at Amazon .com

 Before It Stains
finished Before It Stains by R. E. Bradshaw gave it 4 stars. Excellent read. Wonderful story. I really enjoy R. E. Bradshaw's stories.  Her characters are amazing and the fact that in all of her stories you seem to run across favorite characters from her other books just makes it that much more enjoyable.  I've read 5 of her books so far and I have yet to be disappointed.

Before It Stains
Waking Up Gray
Sweet Carolina Girls
RAINEY DAYS (Rainey Bell Mystery)
OUT ON THE SOUND (Adventures of Decky and Charlie)

Before It Stains
Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is work.Stephanie Austin has it all - a loving wife of 17 years, a handsome teenage son, a comfortable home in the suburbs, professional success, and a bright future. At forty, Stephanie’s life is all she’d ever dreamed of, but like the old blues song says,  “What a difference a day makes.”   ... See More at

When Dreams Tremble

Finished When Dreams Tremble by Radclyffe and gave it 4 stars! I love the story & characters. Very dramatic and they pull you in so quickly. Awesome books, very well written and great characters make all of her books extremely good reads.

 When Dreams Tremble
Leslie Harris's visit to her upstate New York lakeside family home after a decade of triumphs and disappointment resembles a nightmare more than the quiet vacation she'd herod for. The unexpected appearance of much-changed town ero girl Devon Weber, with whom Leslie shares a secret that haunts them both, rekindles an old heartache ...  See More at

True Confessions

 finished True Confessions by PJ Trebelhorn gave it 4 stars. Exciting, heart wrenching story. Excellent characters & great story! Definitely a great read!

True Confessions
From This Moment On

True Confessions

Being in love with your best friend shouldn’t be this difficult.Lesbian novelist Lynn Patrick returns home to Portland, Oregon, for the holidays and discovers that her lifelong friend, Jessie, has separated from her husband. During a game of True Confessions, Lynn finally sees her chance to admit her feelings  for Jessie, but she doesn’t take it. She knows Jessie needs a friend now, and not another complication at this point in her life.  ...  See More at

Pitifully Ugly
 finished Pitifully Ugly by Robin Alexander gave it 4 stars. Warm, touching & a wonderful read.  I really enjoyed this story and the wonderful characters. 

Pitifully Ugly
Shannon Brycen believes she is the epitome of pitifully ugly. Kalen, Shannon's overly social sister, is determined to play match-maker and find a special someone for her sister. After a disastrous date with one of Kalen's recent selections, Shannon decides to take her love life back into her own hands by joining the local lesbian cyber match-maker.    ... See More at