Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wildfire by Lynn James

finished Wildfire by Lynn James and gave it 4 stars. Wonderful characters and story! Great read.
I enjoyed these characters.  A realy enjoyable read.
Two women have a passionate interest in the same piece of land…Elaine Thomas has a sworn duty to protect National Forest Service land, especially from vicious and destructive poachers. About to soundly scold a thoughtless squatter for camping out in rapidly approaching winter conditions, she’s flummoxed when she’s the one who gets a lecture about tromping on precious seedlings from a woman as beautiful—and possibly forbidding—as the high country itself.Botanist Devon McKinney has permission to be camping in the protected area as part of her report on the area’s recovery from a toxic spill, but Ranger Elaine is not at all the ham-fisted voice of authority ....

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