Sunday, February 26, 2012

Between the Waves and the Flames by Eve Foss

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I finished Between the Waves and the Flames by Eve Foss & gave 3 stars. Good story & characters, bad edit.

OK, I actually liked this story.  The characters were nice, the story was interesting but the editing of the book really left a lot to be desired.  Words misspelled, a large number of he/her mistakes, extra words as if they tried to edit a sentence then forgot to take out the words they were going to and continued on. Really annoying.  It took you out of the story and broke the flow of words.  Except for this unfortunate lousy editing the actual story and characters were
Karate instructor Nikki Kammer has been looking for love but has never found anyone who really rocked her world. Now, after sexy masseuse, Alex Martin, saves her life by dragging her out of the undertow of the waves, she wonders if she has been looking in the wrong place all along. Perhaps she should not have been looking for a man, because this woman seems to get her heart going in a way a guy never has. Can she overcome her inhibitions, and her insecurities, to look for love with another woman?

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